You Care About Your Dog?
We Care Too. 

That's Why At Thepetly, we Want your dog to have that healthy look and natural beauty It should have so that you Can Be Happy Too.

To make this dream a reality, we have curated and are still crafting easy to digest resources to help you make your partnership with your dog even more grueling than before.

Join us today to learn how other dog owners are increasing happiness in their lives.

Understanding Dog Crates

What You'll Learn

Over and over again, shopping for a dog crate has proven to be a steep mountain.

With some people against dog crating, you can easily get blended in the futile discussions.

But are crates that evil?

Of course not.

So, here is the deal.

By the time you are through with the resource:

  • You'll change your perspective towards dog crates, 
  • You'll know how to use a dog crate the doggy way by understanding dogs ancestors.
  • And you'll be an expert on selecting the best dog crate by identifying key features and knowing different types of dog crates at your finger tips.
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Dog Allergies

What You'll Learn

A dog lover but can't cope with dog allergy?

The resource contains an incredible treasure of dog allergy information.
With it, you'll kiss goodbye dog allergies and still keep your dog.

But how?

  • First, you'll get a full understanding of dog allergy so that you can know the source and how to manage allergies
  • Second, we have prepared you a list of non-shedding breeds of dogs you can adopt to give you an easy time with allergy control.
  • And third, we have prepared reviews of products you can incorporate in your lifestyle so that you can keep your dog even closer.
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Living With A Pitbull

What You'll Learn

A proud owner of a pitbull dog?
This resource will help you to understand more about pibulls.
You'll also get tons of insights on how to harness the incredible beauty locked deep within this beast and live with it as your close ally.
Even more...
If you are contemplating on adopting this breed of dog, before you get those adoption papers,

We will guide you in understanding it, appreciating its background, and also set you on the right path to becoming a happy pitbull parent.