Cat Won’t Drink Water! How to Entice Her to Drink Enough Water

Although cats are self-sufficient, you should always make sure they drink enough water to keep their organs active. If your cat won’t drink water, she will likely to suffer from health complications, forcing you to make frequent visits to your vet. Symptoms of dehydration in cats include constipation, dry mouth, sunken eyes, poor capillary refill time, […]

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  • a few months ago

5 Best Flea Treatment for Cats Reviews & Ratings in 2020

Cats easily get irritated by external parasites like fleas, and this may result in skin allergies and a lot of scratching (due to the irritation). While getting the flea treatment for cats is the best solution, there are certain things you should get acquainted to before deciding what works for your cat. There are different external parasites that […]

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