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Best Ceramic Cat Water Fountain Reviews in 2019

While wild cats get their water or moisture from fresh-killed prey, indoor cats are more dependent on satiating their dehydration from drinking water. Traditionally, the normal routine was filing the water bowl and leaving it in the open for the cat to quench her thirst. However, cats have a low thirst drive and are picky drinkers by […]

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Best Automatic Cat Feeder for Two Cats [Multiple Cats] in 2019

Cats are low-maintenance pet, at least where compared to other home pets such as dogs. Nonetheless, you still need to provide them with the right nutrition each day. However, if you spend most of the time away from home, your cat`s feeding schedule can be interrupted. Rather than worrying about how your cats will get their meals, […]

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6 Best Invisible Fence for Cats Reviews [Outdoor & Indoor] 2019

Cats have an innate curiosity, hunting instincts and are adventurous pets who like exploring new sights, scents, and sounds. The thought of losing your feline friend whenever she gets on her exploration mission is a nightmare for any cat parent. Even for the fur babies who are strictly kept indoors, there is no guarantee that she will […]

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