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Facts About the Tortoiseshell Cat (Everything You Need to Know)

Tortoiseshell cats are stunning animals created with a combination of amazing patterns and colors, which are dearly known as “torties.” They are arguably the divas of the cat family. They are not a breed, but the color of the coat identifies them. They can appear in pedigree and non-pedigree breeds. Many cultures across the world believe […]

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Facts about Ginger/Orange Tabby Cats (Everything you Need to Know)

Ginger cats are undoubtedly some of the most popular and well-loved cats in the world. They not only make great companions, but they have also made a considerable impact on pop culture. Remember Garfield in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and puss in Boots? Ginger cats are also fondly called marmalade, caramel, orange, butterscotch, butter, and yellow. The existence of the […]

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10 Best Cat Breeds (With Adorable Personalities) in 2019

Adding a special kitty to your family is always a great time for everyone, especially the kids. Cats are not only friendly but also beautiful mini-humans that will show you unending love and affection. Some breeds require daily grooming while others require minimal care. Whether you are looking for the meanest cat breeds or cutest cat […]

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