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Best High Fiber Cat Food Reviews 2020

Ask every cat owner what the ideal diet for a cat is, and you will get responses like “high animal proteins, moderate carbs, and fat content”. On most occasions, many cat owners don’t consider a high fiber cat food as an important part of the cat’s diet. Fiber is the answer to most of the digestive […]

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5 High Protein Low Carb Cat Food (Diabetic Cats) 2020 Review

While there are dozens of cat food formulas for diabetic cats in the market, it is always important to confirm that the formula you are buying is what your vet recommends. Typically, the best diabetic cat food should have a high protein and low-carb percentage. Cats have a high need for real animal proteins to build […]

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10 Best Cat Food For Weight loss Reviews 2020 [Low Calorie]

An estimated 48% of domestic cats are overweight. While the statistics may sound alarming, it is never too late to find a solution for your cat. The most common causes of weight gain in cats is overfeeding and lack of physical exercises for cats.  The first step to helping your overweight cat lose weight is to make your […]

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5 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Food Reviews of 2020 [Dry & Wet Food]

Allergic reactions have traditionally been associated with human beings. However, a recent study indicates that the number of allergies is on the rise, and not in humans alone, but also in cats. Allergic reactions on cats are manifested through several ways including excessive scratching, dermatitis and extreme hair loss. Though skin responses are the most common reaction to […]

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