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5 Best Limited Ingredient Cat Food Reviews 2019 [Wet & Dry Cat Food]

Not every cat can handle the complex ingredients and artificial flavors that most cat food brands include. Most commercial pet foods contain multiple protein sources, additives, by-products and other artificial ingredients that may trigger allergic reactions or cause digestive issues in elder cats. If your cat is sensitive to the diet your are giving her, you should […]

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5 High Protein Low Carb Cat Food (Diabetic Cats) 2019 Review

The fact that your cat is diabetic means that you may have made certain mistakes in the past when choosing her diets. While there are dozens of cat food formulas for diabetic cats in the market, it is always important to confirm that the formula you are buying is what your vet recommends. Typically, the best diabetic […]

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5 Best Cat Food For Urinary Health Reviews 2019 [Urinary Crystals]

Urinary crystals is a common problem in dehydrated cats. It mainly occurs due to lack of or inadequate moisture in cat food, or lack of drinking water. The three standard crystals in cats are Struvite, Oxalate, and Urate. These crystals form when there is more magnesium, calcium, phosphorus or protein in the urine that it can be dissolved. The […]

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5 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Food Reviews of 2019 [Dry & Wet Food]

Allergic reactions have traditionally been associated with human beings. However, a recent study indicates that the number of allergies is on the rise, and not in humans alone, but also in cats. Allergic reactions on cats are manifested through several ways including excessive scratching, dermatitis and extreme hair loss. Though skin responses are the most common reaction to […]

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