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8 Best Kitten Food Reviews| Best Dry & Wet Kitten Food

Petting a kitten is one of the most lovely things that cat owners enjoy. From seeing them grow from a tiny fur ball to a muscular feline, kittens can definitely brighten your day. However, kittens require special care, not only in the way you handle them, but also in the choice of food you give them. A kitten’s […]

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5 Best Food for Cats with Urinary Crystals 2020 [Crystals in Urine]

Urinary crystals is a common problem in dehydrated cats. It mainly occurs due to lack of or inadequate moisture in cat food, or lack of drinking water. The three standard crystals in cats are Struvite, Oxalate, and Urate. These crystals form when there is more magnesium, calcium, phosphorus or protein in the urine that it can be dissolved. The […]

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6 Blue Buffalo Cat Food Reviews and Recalls in 2020

Blue Buffalo cat food has carved a niche in the pet foods industry as the leader in premium quality, all natural pet nutrition. A brand that started with a single dog recipe now has dozens of dog and cat food brands that have become popular among pet parents. The company currently has four lines of pet food […]

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5 Natural Balance Cat Food Reviews & Recalls 2020

Natural Balance cat food is a pet parent’s favorite cat food brand that is prepared using premium ingredients and in hygienic food kitchens. Most of the natural balance cat foods are formulated using real animal proteins as the first ingredients. They also include vegetable and fruits sourced from the United States. In this Natural Balance Cat Food […]

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Best High Fiber Cat Food Reviews 2020

Ask every cat owner what the ideal diet for a cat is, and you will get responses like “high animal proteins, moderate carbs, and fat content”. On most occasions, many cat owners don’t consider a high fiber cat food as an important part of the cat’s diet. Fiber is the answer to most of the digestive […]

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