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Best Air Purifier for Pet Hair, Dander, and Allergies in 2020

Having the option to control what you breath should not be a matter of a hummer and the nail. And with the filtration ability of particles 300 times smaller than the human hair, you are 99.97% sure your lungs will not wield anything bigger than 0.000012-inches. Today with the availability of these 5-best HEAP air purifiers, controlling dog allergies should be hustle free.

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5 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food Reviews & Ratings in 2020

Is your dog sneezing constantly? Does she have watery eyes? Is she plagued by a dry, flaky skin? If so, your dog might have a dog allergy.Dogs, like humans, have their nutritional requirements. Food type, ingredients and mineral elements in their diet affects dogs differently.  Similarly, different dogs have different tolerance to diseases. Take for instance Bichon Frise, Labrador […]

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Dog Food Allergy Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

The choice of dog food can have a significant effect on their health. This is true especially if your dog is allergic to certain foods. Though not common, dog food allergy is attracting a lot of concern among dog parents as there’s an increasing number of dogs suffering from these allergies. Like any other dog allergy, dog […]

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Dog Dander Allergy: Symptoms, Risks, and Management

Did you know that 30% percent of people with allergies are also allergic to pets? In this article, we will guide through the knowledge of dog dander allergy symptom. We will carefully explain its symptoms, severe risks you might face on exposure, when to see a doctor in the case in trouble, and the precautions to take in managing the dog dander if you still consider retaining your pet.

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