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17 Dogs That Don`t Shed Much (Ultimate Guide for Dog Owners)

As a dog owner, issues like allergies can be problematic. A solution can be a hypoallergic dog of which, it’s not fully possible. This is not to say there is no help. So, in this article, we’ll cover the top 5 of small dogs, medium-sized dogs, and large size dogs that don’t shed much. On top, you’ll get a bonus of a guide on grooming to help you understand your fluffy friend.

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What Crate Size for Golden Retriever? [Recommended Size] 2020 Review

Most Retrievers’ owners will attest how affectionate and loyal a Golden retriever is. Long before their domestication, golden retrievers were known for hunting and they still exhibit hunting instincts. You are likely to find a retriever hiding beneath furniture and other places that they shouldn’t be. So it is important to crate train your Golden Retriever.  So, […]

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  • Jan
  • 9 hours ago

The Ultimate Pocket Pitbull Guide (Interesting Facts, Price & Training)

As you know, unlike other breeds of dogs, Pitbulls are aggressive, playful, and athletic. To keep this energy flowing, they need a complement of a quality diet. However, with many options of food available, it’s hard to analyze the best affordable Pitbull food in the market and still nail it perfectly. The aim of this guide is to ease that painstaking exercise for you.

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  • Jeffry
  • Updated a few hours ago

How to Stop Dog Barking in Crate [Crate Training Guide]

You are so excited that you’ve bought your pooch the best dog crate you can find in the market. Now you feel you’ve fulfilled your role. You are relaxed and feeling satisfied that you little friend has a new home. The real home, if not like original home, is now in the household.  One more shiny tool […]

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