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5 Best Dog Food for Congestive Heart Failure in 2020

It can be overwhelming to learn that your dog is suffering or is at risk of congestive heart failure. This is a heart condition, in which, your dog’s heart cannot effectively pump blood to all body organs. It progresses slowly and gets worse over time. If unfortunately your beloved pooch is diagnosed with this condition, it is […]

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5 Best Anti Itch Shampoo For Dogs with Skin Allergies Review 2020

It’s unfair to use the wrong type of shampoo on a dog just because of ignorance or lack of know how. In this guide, we bring you the five of the best dog shampoos for skin allergies. Furthermore, we will take you through the types of dog shampoos, uses, and how to use and bath a dog. In the end, we will let you know the common ingredients to look for in a good shampoo for a dog with sensitive skin.

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Golden Retriever Fun Facts that you Probably Didn’t Know

Golden Retriever is arguably among the top ten dog breeds in the USA, and a perfect family pet for all the good reasons. Retrievers possess good personality traits: they are lovely, sociable, intelligent, tolerant, loyal, and can fit in any home or family setup. Golden Retriever is a crossbreed and enjoys a lifespan of around 12-14 years. In […]

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