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Golden Retriever Fun Facts that you Probably Didn’t Know

Golden Retriever is arguably among the top ten dog breeds in the USA, and a perfect family pet for all the good reasons. Retrievers possess good personality traits: they are lovely, sociable, intelligent, tolerant, loyal, and can fit in any home or family setup. Golden Retriever is a crossbreed and enjoys a lifespan of around 12-14 years. In […]

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Dog Dander Allergy: Symptoms, Risks, and Management

Did you know that 30% percent of people with allergies are also allergic to pets? In this article, we will guide through the knowledge of dog dander allergy symptom. We will carefully explain its symptoms, severe risks you might face on exposure, when to see a doctor in the case in trouble, and the precautions to take in managing the dog dander if you still consider retaining your pet.

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Best Chew Toys For Pit Bulls (Indestructible Dog Toys) in 2020

When it comes to Pitbull Puppies, you don’t want to take away what they value most in their life. Thus, to be on the safe side with them, ensure you give them the best chew toys for puppies. In return, your little champs will find them entertaining and fun. Furthermore, besides creating healthy teething habits, you will also eliminate boredom and bad chewing behaviors.

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