About The Petly 

The Problem and the Beauty

For many people across our beloved country, the idea of having a companion and responsibilities over animals as pets is a bit disturbing. I know the fact because showing love, care, and offering free treatment to them, needs a committed, cautious, and an understanding character. A person with a bizarre nature. An individual with a selfless drive to trust animals with their families to a point of even considering making them their lifestyle.

And for what benefit?

For you and me, we both know well, owning pets can be a special thing. Sometimes a visceral feeling that you can only revere deep inside. A form of a special bond for the good and for the worse. Both for the youngsters and for the elderly. A relationship you can't easily replace with something else. 

Not beige watching a favorite TV show. Not also Netflixing. Not even a companionship of a fellow human being.

Just having a committed friend for an extraordinary company.

As a result, my team and I have dedicated our energies and limited resources to bring you the best of the pets' information. That is, information about pets from what we currently have, to what we will gather from our researches. Ideas and skills we have gathered from working with pets in the past, to living with them in the present.

My Bio

Hi there, my name is Jeffry Thornton. My team like to call me Thorn. Am the owner of Thepetly. Besides, am a proud owner of Rex and Joy. These two are my biggest fun. Rex, my Bully breed dog, fetches me "whatever" I want. In the field, he makes me feel energetic. Man, the animal loves fetching, though, he is a bit lazy in the mornings. The competitor Joy (whom I did not immediately identify her breed while she was still a kitten till on the vaccination day when my veterinarian told me she is a Munchkin cat) always give me smooth purrs every time I sink in my couch out of exhaustion. Her way of companionship is undeniable selfless. However, these two close allies come with huge responsibilities - from general care, feeding, treatment, as well as accessories to make them happy.

In regard to care, I still remember the morning the guy from the animal shelter packed the old van outside our house. The guy was after my two old palls, Molly and Sadie. Both were female dogs of breed American Pit Bull Terrier (Yeah, as you can guess I am in love with muscle dogs). Unfortunately, as a young third grader, I could not pace with the demand these two pets required from young me. Therefore, my parents had to put them under animal care to ease the burden. That morning, I cried and fruitlessly tried to convince my parents not to give them away. "Not animal shelter," I pleaded. But my pleas fell on deaf ears. For the next whole month, I did not talk to my parents. I couldn't believe they gave away my best friends. Losing them was the most devastating thing at that stage of my life. Nevertheless, looking back, I wish I had known a resource to learn about animal care to reverse the action.

So, when I finished my business school, for six months I dedicated my time to volunteering in an animal shelter nearby. I wanted to understand how to give them proper care and bury my old failures.

Since then, it has been around seven years now. I still remember every lesson I learned from the owner of the shelter. Most importantly, how to care, how to show love, and how to understand animal language. In fact, it is the main reason in my thirties, am still passionate about pets care.

Through The Petly blog, I intend to spread the word about how to give proper care to pets so that not any other kid will have to give away his/her pet for the same reason as mine.

Below are some of the topics we will be discussing in this blog to ensure the vision come to reality.

  • General Best Pets care   
  • Best Pets (Nutrition) Feed
  • Best Pets Treatment
  • Best Pets toys
  • Best Pets Products 
  • General pet's information

Affiliate Disclosure

Alongside discussing these topics, we will be participating in affiliate programs. We are hoping by doing so, we will be able to cover the expenses of running this website and also give me a platform to help pet lovers give best care to their pets. I do believe you'll find our effort worth your participation.

In regard to giving product-reviews, we will be reviewing products that we have used and some that we have not. As a result, we would like to assure you, we will strive to give you honest and thorough content that will not only add value to your investment (both time and money), but also bring you closer to your honest friends.

Our Mission

Based on my childhood experience, I would like kids not to lose their friends as I did due to poor care.  Therefore, our mission at Thepetly is to give a smile of the best pet care to every pet owner. This is by giving everyone a platform and a community to learn, share, and gather valuable information about pets.

Our Content Plan

My team and I, aim to provide content on everything about pets’ care - both informational and products reviews. But due to the sheer number of pets, we will be adding information in a sequential order. We will first deal with one type of pet. Then, after building a fair amount of content, we will move to the other type.

Should you have any suggestion, question, or just a thank you note, don't hesitate to reach us via our contact us page.