Best Cat Food Reviews & Ratings 2020 [Dry & Wet Cat Food]

The pet food industry has millions of retailers and manufacturers competing for the same market. And the truth is, it can be difficult to determine what food is good for your cat and the right ingredient and nutrient composition. Cats are known to be notoriously picky about what they eat, and you will have to test a […]

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10 Best Cat Food For Weight loss| Low-Calorie Cat Food in 2020

An estimated 48% of domestic cats are overweight. While the statistics may sound alarming, it is never too late to find an immediate solution for your obese cat. The most common causes of weight gain in cats is overfeeding and lack of physical exercises.  The first step in helping your overweight cat lose weight is to make your home […]

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5 Best Cat Food for Shedding & Dandruff in 2020 [Review]

If you been a cat parent for long, it is possible that you have had a lot of trouble with your cat shedding hairs. Whether it`s on the rugs, furniture, or any other area, shedding is part of a cat`s lifestyle, it`s unavoidable, and you should expect to find loose hairs on the carpet or even […]

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