Maine Coon Tabby Mix Breed Guide (Everything You Should Know)

If you’re looking to get a Maine Coon Tabby Mix, then you will be in good company with many other Americans who have chosen this popular breed to have in their homes.

Every domestic cat essentially has Tabby cat genes, and there are 4 basic variations of patterns, so different Maine Coon Tabby’s can have different markings but generally share the same traits.

Let’s discover more about this breed by looking at things like – their general personality, level of affection, common health issues, grooming needs, and more.

Brown Tabby Maine Coon

It is important to understand what this cat breed is going to bring to your home and how it is likely to behave. This will help you to recognize whether it is the right cat for you and your family.

What Patterns and Colors Do Tabby Maine Coon Cats Have?

Most Maine Coon’s are tabby, as it is their dominant gene, and it’s likely that when you think of a Maine Coon you would think of a tabby-pattern coat.

The brown Tabby Maine Coon is the most common color with a striped pattern, known as a Mackerel Tabby pattern.

Other common patterns are Blotched Tabby (commonly known as Classic) with wider stripes and swirls, and Aqouti Tabby (also known as Abyssinian or Ticked).

There are many different color variations from browns to greys, silvers, blues, whites, and more.

How Large Are Maine Coon Tabby Mixes?

They grow to the same size as a purebred Maine Coon, and are a large, muscular, broad-chested cat with a long body.

Being such a solid build, these cats are extremely hardy, with females growing to around 10-14 pounds, and the males weighing right up to a hefty 18 pounds maximum.

How Affectionate is a Maine Coon Tabby Mix?

Many people choose Maine Coons because they are known for being extremely affectionate cats, and they are often compared with dogs because they are so loyal and loving.

They bond closely with their family members, and they will show this through physical affection, including rubbing, purring, and nuzzling.

You should note, however, that some Maine Coon Tabbies prefer to simply sit near you, rather than to be touched all the time. They will enjoy some petting, but on the whole, they prefer companionship to physical contact.

Fortunately, Maine Coons Tabby Mixes are not particularly demanding cats, so if you are busy and you need to focus on other things, you can do so easily.

When you do want to sit down and cuddle, you should find that your kitty is very willing to sit with you and let you pet it.

You will probably find that your Maine Coon Tabby fits in well with your lifestyle, because they are easygoing and friendly, but they will also do their own thing if you are busy.

However, you must make sure that you have enough time to look after your kitty, because your Maine Coon Tabby will need attention and love.

Maine Coon Tabby Characteristics

What Are A Maine Coon Tabby’s Personality Traits?

Maine Coons have a personality to match their huge body size; they are very exuberant and loving cats. They can be goofy and funny, but they are particularly keen when it comes to interacting with their family members, and often behave like pack animals.

These cats are very smart, which is partly why they are such popular pets. If you want a cat that is easy to train and fun to play with, a Maine Coon Tabby Mix is for you.

You can teach your cat to come when you call it, and it may even be able to learn a few tricks.

Make the most of their intelligence to ensure they are stimulated and happy. Your Maine Coon Tabby might enjoy balls, puzzles, and other games that keep its brain busy.

Maine Coons are also known for being extremely gentle cats. It is rare for one to lash out unless it feels really threatened, which is good when you consider how large these animals are.

What Food Does A Maine Coon Tabby Need?

Maine Coon Tabbies can be fed on the same food as other cats, but it is not a good idea to choose a cheap brand that is filled with grains and preservatives.

Bear in mind that feeding a Maine Coon Tabby Mix can be expensive, as these are large cats and have very big appetites.

Your cat’s food should contain Omega 3 and 6, plenty of protein, and lots of vitamins. You might want to get a food that will help to remove buildup on your cat’s teeth.

If you are going to feed your cat on dry food, make sure that there is a ready supply of water nearby. Cats have a low thirst drive, and it is best to mix their biscuits with water if they will eat them like this. Most cats are used to getting the water they need from their food, but biscuits don’t provide this.

Your cat may end up with kidney problems if it is regularly dehydrated, so try and make sure that you are giving it everything it needs to stay healthy.

Dry food is good for your cat’s teeth, so offer it in moderation and always provide clean fresh water for your cat.

Note that you do not want your cat to end up overweight, as this can cause some big health issues, so it is important to find out what the recommended daily food allowance is for your kitty.

Chat to your vet, as Maine Coon Tabby Mixes can vary in size, and the food recommendation will therefore vary too.

The amount of exercise that your cat does also has a big impact on how much it should eat, so don’t follow recommendations from a packet or the internet, but get a proper recommendation from a vet who knows your kitty.

Find out about the pros & cons of feeding your Main Coon a raw food diet

Do I Need To Groom My Maine Coon Tabby Mix?

Your Maine Coon Tabby Mix may not have all the classic characteristics of a purebred Maine Coon, such as the neck ruff, but they will still need regular grooming.

This is especially true of the long haired types, but it should also be applied to cats with shorter coats.

Maine Coon Tabby’s change their coat length depending on the season, so will have a longer, thicker coat in the winter that may mat more easily if not brushed regularly.

Because this breed’s fur is so dense and fluffy, grooming is an important part of helping your cat to stay healthy and comfortable. Grooming removes dirt and excess fur, reducing shedding and removing mats.

You will find that your Maine Coon Tabby Mix sheds heavily in the spring and in the fall, when it swaps its winter coat for a summer one, and vice versa. At these times, extra grooming will be required to keep the cat glossy and help it get rid of excess fur.

Regularly grooming your Maine Coon Tabby Mix will keep it as a short, easy job that is pleasant for both your cat and you.

Try to keep on top of its coat and groom it every few days, especially if it spends time outdoors or it has long fur.

How Energetic Is A Maine Coon Tabby Mix?

A Maine Coon Tabby Mix does love to play, but they can also enjoy relaxing and napping.

They are not the most active cats, but they certainly aren’t lazy. Instead, they form a nice balance between the two, enjoying a game when it’s on offer, but not pestering for your attention all the time. If you have children, your cat will probably play with them frequently.

If you work during the day, you will probably find that your cat is awake and active when you are at home, but spends long hours dozing when you are out.

This offers a nice balance, because your cat will not need you to constantly stimulate and exercise it, but will enjoy playing games with you.

What Are The Common Health Issues A Maine Coon Tabby Can Encounter?

Like many cats, Maine Coon Tabby Mixes can encounter health problems. Although they are generally considered quite hardy and resilient felines, there are some major issues that they may suffer from.

The first is hip dysplasia. Many large animals have this issue, where a deformity means that the hips struggle to support the weight of the cat.

This can cause arthritis and sometimes even paralysis. You can decrease the risk of your Maine Coon suffering from this issue by ensuring that it is a good weight, and not obese. Heavy cats will struggle more with joint problems.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is another common problem. It is a hereditary disease, so you can have your kitty tested for it.

Your cat may be unstable, walk awkwardly, and sit in unusual positions. It is thought that this is caused by muscular weakness, which results in the loss of neurons in the lower spinal cord.

Another common problem is Polycystic Kidney Disease, which is another hereditary condition. Cysts will form in the cat’s kidneys, steadily growing as the cat gets older.

At around seven years old, this disease often starts to show, causing weight loss, vomiting, and unusually frequent urination. This disease can lead to kidney failure, so if you are concerned, talk to your vet about it.

How Old Should Kids Be to Have a Tabby Maine Coon?

Because Maine Coons are so affectionate, they deal well with children and can form amazing bonds with little ones. A lot of cats do not like children, but Maine Coons tend to love them, and you will probably find your cat and your child cuddled up on a regular basis.

However, it is very important that you lay down some ground rules so that your cat is not pestered by your child. Any animal can lash out if it is pushed too hard, and children don’t always recognize when cats want to be left alone.

Teach your child to respect your cat when it moves away from them. It is not a good idea for your child to chase your cat if it chooses to leave the room. Talk to your child about how to let a cat come to them, rather than chasing it.

You should also show your child how to stroke the cat so that they follow the direction of its fur, rather than stroking against it. Demonstrate gentleness and kindness, and you will establish a good relationship between them that will help them form a strong and lasting bond.

If they are taught to respect the animal, children can make great playmates for Maine Coons, bringing out the fun side of this animal and allowing it to exercise and play for hours.


A Maine Coon Tabby Mix is an extremely special cat to welcome into your home, and these felines are very sought after.

They are affectionate, loving, and entertaining cats, with buckets of character. They are always ready to play, but they will also be happy to snooze for hours if you have other things to be getting on with.