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Can I Use Baby Shampoo on My Dog? (What You Need to Know)

Many dog owners can relate that time your canine badly needs a bath but oops, you have run out of her bathing shampoo. To make it worse, you can’t seem to find a store nearby to purchase a dog shampoo for her.

What might run in your mind is ‘can I use baby shampoo on my dog’, ‘Is it a safer alternative to regular human shampoos’, ‘can it cause any skin irritation or allergies’, etc.

Read on to find out if it’s okay to use baby shampoo on your pooch.

Is baby shampoo safe for dogs?

Yes. It is okay to use baby shampoo as the safest alternative to regular human shampoos, but with the approval of your veterinarian doctor. Baby shampoos are mild in nature to serve the needs of babies’ sensitive skin, hair and eyes.

Therefore, such a shampoo is less likely to harm your pooch’s sensitive skin and won’t cause any skin allergy or irritations.

Unlike human shampoos, baby shampoos do not interfere with the pH balance of your dog’s sensitive skin.

However, if your canine has skin conditions such as skin sensitivities and allergies, it is advisable to stick to the dog shampoo that works for her. 

I bet you have heard some dog owners use baby shampoos when bathing their canine friends, probably even your neighbor.

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Which type of baby shampoo should you go for? 

The best baby shampoo that you can use to bathe your dog should be unscented, clear and with a mild formula.

Most baby shampoos contain safe and mild ingredients; they are not formulated using harmful chemicals and fragrances.

Some of its ingredients include water, glycerin to help smoothen the sensitive skin, sodium trideceth sulfate that works as a low irritation agent, and a non-stress pH balance of approximately 7, etc.

Most dog owners recommend using Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo on their dogs.

How often should you use baby shampoo on your pooch?

Veterinary doctors recommend using a dog shampoo at all times since they are specially formulated to meet the needs of your dog’s sensitive skin, hair, eyes, and coat.

However, in the event that you have to use baby shampoo, ensure not to use it on a regular basis; once a month would do if need be.

Note that veterinarians recommend bathing your pooch once after 4 weeks. The reason being, regular bathing strips away the natural, beneficial oils from the canine’s skin.

In addition, your pup’s skin is likely to get dry, therefore, causing skin irritation.

The constant scratching of the skin due to the irritations will yield more serious health conditions such as skin abrasions, inflammations as well as invasion of bacteria.

Nonetheless, stick to using the baby shampoo only as an emergency backup option.

When using baby shampoo on your dog, ensure to rinse out the shampoo thoroughly from her body using clean water, once you are done with the scrubbing process.

Is baby shampoo safe with puppies too?

Yes, you can use a baby shampoo with your little puppy as well. Just like babies, puppies too have sensitive skin, coat, hair, and eyes.

Therefore, a shampoo that is formulated to meet the babies’ needs will work well for puppies too.

Always remember when bathing your puppy with baby shampoo to initially start with the sensitive areas, that is, neck, head, and the eyes.

Why you should not use regular shampoo on your pooch

During bathing, the protective layer is scrubbed way as well as the acid mantle. For this reason, regular shampoos contain moisturizers formulated to replace the protective layer.

The acid mantle, on the other hand, is a protective barrier that protects against the invasion of bacteria, viruses, and infections.

Using human shampoo on your dog, therefore, scrubs away this barrier leaving your dog’s skin prone to infections and viruses. Consequently, you will notice your pooch scratching herself more and having skin irritations.

The invasion of bacteria, in particular, is likely to cause stench smell from your dog’s body.

What’s more, the pH levels of human skin differs from that of dogs. Using a human shampoo interferes with the pH balance of your canine’s skin. The end result is the damage to her skin and coat.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does baby shampoo kill fleas on dogs?

Some dog owners report successfully using baby shampoos to kills fleas on their dogs. This is by leaving baby shampoo to settle on their canine’s body for about 10-15 minutes so as to suffocate the fleas.

Once the time lapses, you can thoroughly rinse out the shampoo and comb her hair using a flea comb. You will likely notice some dead fleas.

What shampoo is best for dogs?

Look out for all-natural organic dog shampoos that are processed using natural ingredients and free from synthetic additives such as dyes, pesticides, and chemicals.

Some of the top organic shampoos include 4-legger, Fluppets, BotaniVet, and Vermont, etc.  

Does baby shampoo hurt dogs?

Baby shampoo is formulated to be mild and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin hence less likely to cause irritation.

For this reason, using baby shampoo won’t hurt your canine’s sensitive skin, fur and, coat as it is safe and effective.

However, you should not use regularly on your furry friend as it may interfere with her pH balance.

Final Thoughts 

While you should never use regular human shampoo on your dog, baby shampoos are safe and effective to use on your pooch. Regular shampoos contain harsh chemicals that interfere with your pooch’s pH balance and may cause adverse effects on her sensitive skin.

Conversely, baby shampoos are formulated to be mild and gentle on sensitive skin. Nonetheless, you should not substitute baby shampoo with the dog shampoo but rather, use it only when it is necessary.

Dog shampoos are specialized to meet the needs of pooches, therefore, choose a dog shampoo that suits your canine’s skin.

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