Do Siamese Cats Like Water – Or Getting Wet?

Siamese cats are known to like water, but they settle at curiosity. Siamese cats want to explore the world around them, and that includes water dripping from your tap or sitting in a glass on your table.

Why Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

While most cats do not like water, Siamese cats carry a genuine curiosity for it. They cannot talk to tell us why, but there are a few likely reasons.

Siamese cats are often more curious than other breeds. They love to explore your home and anything in it that is even remotely interesting.

They are most curious about water when it is in motion, such as when it is dripping from a faucet or running from the tap. These situations create a lot of movement and sound.

Siamese cats are likely to explore this curiosity by reaching out and pawing at the water, discovering how it feels and how they can interact with it.

Siamese cat on a blue background

How Do I Know If My Siamese Cat Likes Water?

If your Siamese cat likes water then you will find them playing with it often, whether in their water dish or another area of your house.

You should notice them perk up any time you run the sink, and they may even gravitate to areas of water like:

  • Your kitchen.
  • Your bathroom.
  • The window by your pool.

Siamese cats that like water will seek it out, and you may even find them playing with dripping faucets or chasing you down when you get in the shower.

Some Siamese cats will try to drink out of the toilet, so make sure you keep the lid down to prevent any accidents. This is especially important if you use chemicals in your toilet water such as bleach.

Do Siamese Cats Prefer Running or Sitting Water?

Siamese cats, like most other cats, prefer running water to sitting water. Not only is it more stimulating, but a cat’s instincts lead them to seek it out.

Of all their senses, cats rely on hearing the most to find water. Running water has a better appeal to their sense of smell, and it attracts more of their attention.

This is why Siamese cats seek out:

  • Dripping faucets
  • Running showers
  • Refilling toilets

Do Siamese Cats Like to Swim?

Most Siamese cats do not like to swim. They prefer observing the unique nature of water from a dry vantage point, and they are more likely to watch or dabble in the water than dive in.

If your Siamese cat needs to swim then they probably can; cats have instincts that help them navigate through water, mostly so they can get out if they fall in.

Siamese cats are not as keen on swimming as other breeds, like the Turkish Van, and they appreciate being kept out of situations where swimming becomes a need.

Beyond being acoustically stimulating, running water tends to be healthier and taste better than stagnant water. It does not collect dust or develop a sour taste as bacteria sits, and the motion oxygenates the water.

How Can I Get My Siamese Cat to Like Water?

If you want your Siamese cat to like water it is best to start desensitizing them at a young age. Introduce your kitten by filling a tub or sink with an inch of warm water.

Make sure you do not force the interaction, or you can lead to distrust in your relationship and a stronger aversion to water later on.

Keep in mind that while Siamese cats are curious about water and like to explore it, they are not fond of getting wet. Do not submerge your cat in water, and take your time to cat-proof any water features in your home.

How to Stimulate a Siamese Cat That Likes Water

If you have a Siamese cat that likes water, you can stimulate them by providing safe areas to explore their curiosity.

An easy way to do this is by using or making toys that feature water. Your Siamese cat can spend plenty of time fascinated with a half-full water bottle!

You can also set up an aquarium for even more pleasure, but make sure you use a secure lid to keep your cat (and the fish) safe.

Because Siamese cats love running water, consider replacing their regular water bowl with a pet water fountain. This establishes a cat-safe water supply in your home that entertains them and encourages them to drink more.

Allow your Siamese cat to explore the water in your house safely. Let them sit on the edge of the tub as you bathe, or leave the kitchen faucet dripping from time to time so they can paw at the drops.

Do Siamese Cats Need Baths?

Unless your Siamese cat suffers from a skin condition that requires bathing, there is no need to give them a bath.

Siamese cats will keep their skin and fur clean on their own. If you have a concern for cleanliness, you can gently wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Siamese cats do not like to be soaked with water, and their fur is not water-resistant, so a full bath is usually more trouble than it is worth.

How Can I Keep My Siamese Cat Safe Around Water?

Because your Siamese cat will be curious about water, it is essential to keep things safe.

Make sure your cat is never left unsupervised around a body of water, whether it is your bathtub, your pool, or even your toilet.

Keep areas with water off-limits unless you are there to supervise. If you have a pool, even one that is outdoors, place ladders or ramps in it so your cat can get out if they fall in accidentally.

Recognizing the situations your cat is likely to get into and finding the best ways to cat-proof them will lead to enjoyable and safe experiences.