Best Cat Water Fountain Reviews (Ceramic Material) in 2020

While wild cats get their water or moisture from fresh-killed prey, indoor cats are more dependent on satiating their dehydration from drinking water.

Traditionally, the normal routine was filing the water bowl and leaving it in the open for the cat to quench her thirst.

However, cats have a low thirst drive and are picky drinkers by nature. 

So how do you quench your feline`s thirst? I have personally had success using ceramic cat water fountains.

Using cat water fountains sparks a hunger for water even to the pickiest felines. The sound and movement of water in the fountains captures your feline attention and piques their curiosity.

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PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Cat Water Fountain

Editor's Choice

PetSafe Drinkwell Avalon Pet Water Fountain

Best Seller

IPETTIE Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

Most Popular & Best Budget

Best Ceramic Cat Water Fountain-Top Picks

1. PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda- Editor's Choice

The PetSafe Pagoda is our top pick for the best ceramic cat water fountains. This water fountain fits perfectly in your kitchen and makes a classy complement for your décor.

Aesthetics aside, the PetSafe encourages hydration, thanks to the 2 free-falling streams of water. Though the streams make an annoyingly splashy noise to you, they entice your feline to the running water and encourage them to drink more.

The replaceable carbon water filter in the fountain serves as a tool for keeping the water fresh, removing bad odor, and taste. As such, your feline will always have a flow of fresh and clean water, which is perfect for their health.

Like all the ceramic cat fountains, the PetSafe is dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and does not retain any odor.

Though the 70 oz capacity is by far not the largest holding capacity on our lists, it's adequately enough for multiple cats provided you add the water periodically.

All good things have their limitations.

With Pagoda, you`ll have to bear with the loud splashing. Though the motor is quiet, the trickling is like a fast pace, which is annoying at the very least. However, if you think you can tolerate the splashy sounds, the PetSafe Pagoda might be a worthwhile investment for your feline.

2. PetSafe Drinkwell Avalon 

The Drinkwell Avalon is yet another awesome cat fountain from PetSafe.

The Avalon comes loaded with plenty of awesome features, which will encourage hydration in your feline.

Like the Pagoda we have seen above, the Avalon similarly comes with 2 streams of water, which add oxygen for freshness.

The signature feature of the Avalon is the double watering dishes on the cat fountain. The two bowl levels increase the flexibility of this cat fountain. The lower dish can be used by kittens, while the upper-level dish can be used by senior cats or felines suffering from arthritis.

Also, the 70 oz. Avalon uses an activated carbon filter to absorb contaminants and chlorine from tap water. As such, your furry friend is supplied with odorless, clean, tasteless and fresh water.

And like all ceramic fountains, it`s extremely smooth, thus allowing an easy clean. Moreover, it`s heat resistant, therefore dishwasher safe.

Although the Avalon is a step up from the older Drinkwell models, it`s a shame that it does not come with a flow adjustment rate, whereas its predecessors had.

3. iPettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain 

The iPettie Tritone is a high-quality cat fountain constructed from premium natural ceramic. The ceramic in question is molded under high temperatures, thus improving the overall aesthetics of the fountain.

In addition to providing you with a reminiscent of fine ceramic, the Tritone is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and does not damp due to mildew or mold.

Unlike the previous models, which come with dual-streams, the Tritone comes with triple free-falling design streams, which add oxygen to the fresh water, as well as attract your feline.

The dual filtration systems, which is a combination of the carbon and chemical filtration is effective in cleaning a plethora of health hazards including pet hair and debris. Similarly, it rids the water from any odor, taste, and color.

Other features that make the iPettie vastly superior to the aforementioned cat fountains is a larger water capacity (71 oz.) which will hold a large amount of water.

A major distinction, however, is the whisper-quiet operation, thanks to the CE certified IP68 pump.

The only reasonable drawback of the fountain is perhaps the 7.1-pound weight of the iPettie.

4. Pioneer Pet SmartCat Water Fountain

The Pioneer Pet SmartCat is a classy and elegant cat fountain for any room in your home.

The ceramic black ceramic fountain holds approximately a gallon of water, which makes the cat fountain ideal for multiple cats. The fountain continuously filters the water.

Rather than using a stream of water, the SmartCat uses circulating water, which is naturally appealing to your pet.

The SmartCat ceramic water fountain comes with a replaceable charcoal filter that delivers clean, pure and healthy water or your feline.

The inclusion of stainless steel material in the mix means that the bowl is free from bacteria, and makes it easier to clean.

While the Pioneer Pet SmartCat has a generous open surface for your cat to drink, and can even accommodate a small to medium-sized dog, the bowl similarly provides a large surface for fur, and other debris to fall in.

As such, you will need to clean the fountain now and then. While the upside of regular cleaning is fresh water for your feline, the downside is that it`s tiring and bothersome at the very least.

5. Pioneer Pet Raindrop

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop is artfully designed with a unique and attractive style.

 The “raindrop” style of this fountain is handy to avoid splashing, which is associated with most fountains. The fountain promotes a convenient and easy way for your cats to drink water.

This 60 oz. cat fountain also uses continuous circulating water to capture the attention of your feline and promote hydration.

The quiet motor pump ensures that the circulation of water and oxygenation is consistent, thus providing clean and fresh water always.

Pioneer Pet Raindrop is a dishwasher-safe unit and is easy to clean. For clean and pure water, this cat fountain features replaceable charcoal filters, which continuously purify water to keep it clean, and odorless.

One of the major downsides of this cat fountain is the ambiguous user manual. A simple and straightforward manual would have done the trick.


Getting the a ceramic cat water fountain will not only entice your cat to drink more water, but it also adds an aesthetic feeling that is hard to resist the beauty of these cat dishes.

Ceramic water fountains are also resistant to bacteria, as long as they as cleaned frequently before refilling the water bowl.

When choosing your cat fountain from our list above, make careful consideration of what your cat needs, and what are his/her water needs.


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