Gentle Giants Dog Food Review (Complete and Balanced Diet) in 2020

As a dog owner, you want the best dog food for your furry friend that meets her nutritional requirements, enhances her overall health and also with some savory flavors.

This is one of the reasons why Gentle Giants Company came into operation. To offer the best dog food for large breeds so as to increase their short-life span (approximately six to eight years).

Gentle Giants dog food is American food that has been prepared by nutritionists and veterinarians over the years before finding itself into the market.

It is a high-quality dog food that offers your pet complete and well-balanced nutrition with lots of benefits in her overall health and also great in weight-control.

Gentle Giants Company Overview

Gentle Giants Inc. is an independent non-profit company founded in the year 2008 by Burt Ward, a popular TV Star. Ward together with her wife share a great passion for dogs thus run a dog shelter that has seen thousands of dogs rescued.

According to Burt Ward, he got inspired to prepare unique dog food due to the short life span of most medium to large-sized dogs. He wanted to come up with a special dog formula that will expand their lifespan.

We are not certain if this dog food has achieved its purpose. However, many dog users appreciate that this dog food rejuvenates their dogs including the large breeds.

Top Ingredients in Gentle Giants Dog Food

This dog food is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your pooch, improve her overall health, control weight as well as inhibit sugar spike. Thus, it is crafted with reasonable protein content, well-balanced carbohydrates, and low fats.

What sets Gentle Giants formula  apart from a range of other dog food products is the low-fat content in their food. Their food products contain 9% of fat compared to other common brands whose fat content ranges from 15% - 20% of crude fat.

Well, Gentle Giants believe that will low fat intake, large-sized pooches are able to live longer and healthier lives.

Gentle Giants diet comprises of high-quality and easily digestible proteins in their diet. Their main sources of animal protein in their diets include chicken, chicken meal, beef, salmon, and turkey. They form the main ingredients in their dry and wet food diets.

Although their protein content is not high compared to other commercial dog food, it is not as low as their fat content.

Notably, Gentle Giants formula feature grains in their diet that include oatmeal, brown rice, and barley.

Although many pet owners prefer grain-free diets in their pet food, it is important to note that beneficial grains such as oatmeal and brown rice offer essential nutrients such as vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals, apart from starch.

It also features fruits such as blueberries, apples, cranberries, and pumpkin which are essential sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

What’s more Gentle Giants' food features nutrient-rich vegetables that include dandelion greens and parsley. Not to mention added Beta Carotene, vitamin E, and vitamin C.

Remember that, the company makes use of the finest all-natural ingredients in their diet and does not contain GMO contents. Its dog food is also free from any artificial additives, preservatives, and fillers enhancing the safety of your pooch.

Gentle Giants Dog Food Recalls

Since its inception in 2008, Gentle Giants have never had a food recall. This is quite impressive for a company that has been in operation for long.

It also translates to the company’s adherence to safety standards in food preparation.

Nonetheless, be on the lookout for any recall in the future from this food brand as well as other dog food brands.

Gentle Giants Dog Formula-Line of Products 

Gentle Giants diet is available in two forms; dry dog food and canned/wet dog food to best serve the different needs of dogs.

The company has six different lines of products that are quite similar in terms of nutritional content and profile. The only distinguishing factor being the main ingredient. 

Dry Dog Food:

Gentle Giants' dry dog food is limited and available in two variations. Both types of food are quite similar and only differ in terms of the main ingredient.

1. Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition Salmon Dry Dog Food

Gentle Giants salmon dry dog food offers your canine complete and balanced nutrition comprising of a wholesome grain-free blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and non-GMO fruits and vegetables.

What I love most is its main ingredient, salmon. It not only offers your pooch the much-needed protein but is also a viable source of omega 3 fatty acids. The fatty acids enhance your dog’s healthy skin and coat as well as minimize the risk of her contracting heart disease.

The salmon formula is also loaded with lots of starch that are not primarily whole grains, to provide your canine the carbohydrate nutrients as well as dietary fibers to support food digestion. Some of the starch ingredients include potatoes, peas, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes, etc.

What’s more, it contains whole fruits and vegetables such as spinach, blueberries, and cranberries to enhance your dog’s overall health. With this formula, your pooch will enjoy great digestion and maximum food absorption thanks to the presence of prebiotics and probiotics.

Salmon dry dog is fortified with antioxidants as well as vitamins including taurine, Vitamin A and B12 for optimum health of your pooch.

Importantly, this food formula makes use of natural ingredients and does not contain artificial fillers, gluten, wheat, corn, and soy. Therefore, a perfect diet for pooches suffering from stomach sensitivities.

Notably, it is suitable for all types of dog breeds.

Top ingredients:

  • Salmon Meal.
  • Whole Dried Potatoes.
  • Whole Dried Peas.
  • Tapioca.
  • Salmon Oil

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein (min): 24 %.
  • Crude Fat (min): 10%.
  • Crude Fiber (max): 5%.
  • Moisture (max): 10%.

2. Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition Chicken Dry Dog Food

The chicken dry dog food is formulated with a perfect blend of proteins, starch, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Farm-raised chicken is the primary ingredient; it is densely-rich in proteins and a great source of glucosamine.

This food formula is packed with whole grains that include brown rice and oatmeal; a viable source of carbohydrates and also helps maintain optimum body weight.

It also features natural whole fruits and vegetables that serves as a great source of nutrient-rich minerals and vitamins. Some of the fruits and vegetables include apples, cranberries, beets, spinach, and carrots, etc.

The chicken dry dog food is fortified with vitamins and antioxidants including vitamin B12, taurine, and vitamin A to enhance your dog’s health.

What’s more, it features probiotics and prebiotics that improve the digestion process consequently maximizing food absorption.

The diet is suitable for any dog breed, all sizes of canines ranging from small puppies, medium dogs to the large ones. 

Note that, the chicken dry dog food does not contain artificial fillers, corn, wheat, gluten, and soy, all of which are common food allergens. Hence it is suitable for canines with sensitive stomachs.

Other essential nutrients include glucosamine and chondroitin that jointly work to restore your canine’s joint health and enhance her mobility, by reducing pain, inflammation and damaging free radicals.

Top Ingredients:

  • Chicken Meal.
  • Pearled Barley.
  • Brown Rice.
  • Oatmeal.
  • Dried Plain Beet Pulp.

Guaranteed analysis

  • Crude Protein (min): 22%.
  • Crude Fat (min): 9%.
  • Crude Fiber (max) 4%.
  • Moisture (max): 10%.
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acid (min): 1.25%.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acid (min): 0.5%.

Wet/Canned Dog Food:

You will find a wide range of Gentle Giants wet dog food to choose from as opposed to the dry dog food variations. Its array of wet dog food is similar as well, and the only distinguishing factor is the main ingredient.

Gentle Giants wet dog food variations feature two common ingredients namely chickpeas and sweet potatoes; great sources of dietary fiber and starch.

1. Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition Grain-Free (90% Turkey)

The Gentle Giants Canine Turkey and Liver is a complete and well-balanced nutrition that contains 90% turkey and is the main ingredient.

The turkey protein comes in a perfect blend of turkey and turkey liver, to support the development of strong muscle mass and keep her physically active.

The wet food diet is specially formulated with essential nutrients such as green-lipped musses rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, to enhance your dog’s joint health.

The green-lipped mussels are also a great source of omega fatty acids that enhance your pooch’s skin and coat health. 

What’s more, it features dandelion greens to support the canine’s liver and gastrointestinal health.

The turkey-rich diet also contains essential fruits such as cranberries and blueberries that are rich in antioxidants. 

Your pooch will enjoy pure nutrients from natural whole fruits and vegetables that include apples, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, parsley, and pumpkin.

Significantly, Gentle Giants Turkey Diet is an all-natural formula that is grain-free and does not contain poultry by-products, artificial fillers, and preservatives. In addition, this diet does not contain other allergen causing ingredients such as wheat, soy, corn, and gluten.

This dog formula is suitable for use in a multi-dog family. From a young puppy to a senior dog, Chihuahua breed to Maltese dog breed, the turkey dog food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of every dog.

The dog formula is proudly made in the USA.

Top Ingredients:

  • Turkey.
  • Turkey Broth.
  • Turkey Liver.
  • Chickpeas.
  • Natural Flavors. 

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein (min): 10%.
  • Crude Fat (min): 7%.
  • Crude Fiber (max): 1.5%.
  • Moisture (max): 78%.
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids (min): 1.25%.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (min): 0.2%.

2. Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition Grain-Free (90% Salmon)

Gentle Giants Grain-free canned food is a hearty recipe that provides your canine with a wholesome and balanced nutrition to enhance your dog’s overall health for longer, healthier lives.

It features a perfect blend of proteins and carbohydrates that feature wild Alaskan Salmon (90% salmon is the main ingredient), sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and pumpkins.

It also comprises of whole fruits and vegetables that are not genetically-modified.  For instance apples, blueberries and cranberries that are rich in antioxidants to protect your pup from environmental stress and free radicals.

The salmon formula also features essential nutrients such as dandelion greens vital in enhancing your dog’s liver and gastrointestinal health.

In addition, the formula contains New Zealand green-lipped mussels; an essential source of omega fatty acids and also boosts your dog’s joint health.

Importantly, with this formula, your dog will enjoy an all-natural formula that is grain-free, gluten-free and does not contain GMOs, wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, fillers, and preservatives.   

In addition, this salmon dog formula features vital vitamins and minerals for a balanced and nutritious meal.

With this diet, your dog’s digestive health is well taken care of thanks to the presence of probiotics and prebiotics. As a result, your pooch gets to benefit from all the nutrients in this food.

Just like other Gentle Giants dog food products, this formula is suitable for all dog breeds of all life stages: puppy, adult, and senior dog.

Top Ingredients:

  • Salmon.
  • Fish Broth.
  • Chickpeas.
  • Natural Flavor.
  • Sweet Potatoes.

Guaranteed analysis

  • Crude Protein: 9% (minimum).
  • Crude Fat: 1% (minimum).
  • Crude Fiber: 3% (maximum).
  • Moisture: 75% (maximum).

3. Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition Grain-Free (90% Chicken)

Gentle Giants chicken recipe is another nutritious and well-balanced diet that will leave your pooch asking for more.

It is an all-natural formula that is prepared with a perfect blend of proteins and carbohydrates for optimal health and healthy digestion. It comprises 90% chicken and is the main ingredient blended with chickpeas and sweet potatoes.

It also features lots of natural fruits and vegetables such as pumpkin, apples, blueberries, and cranberries. The last two fruits are enriched with antioxidants vital in fighting harmful free radicals.

Another essential nutrient that your pooch will benefit from this formula is the omega fatty acids sourced from green-lipped mussels. What’s more, this dog food contains dandelion greens.

It is fortified with vitamins and minerals such as calcium, vitamin A, E, D3, and B12 supplements.

Being an all-natural formula, the chicken recipe does not feature GMOs, grains, gluten, wheat, corn, soy, artificial fillers, and preservatives.

Suitable for all dog breeds in all life stages.

Top Ingredients:

  • Chicken.
  • Chicken Broth.
  • Chickpeas.
  • Natural Flavor.
  • Sweet potatoes. 

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein: 9.5% (minimum).
  • Crude Fat: 7% (minimum).
  • Crude Fiber: 1.5% (maximum).
  • Moisture: 78% (maximum).

4. Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition Grain-Free (90% Beef)

The grain-free beef recipe uses all-natural beef as the main ingredient for a rich and nutritious meal that even the picky-eaters won’t resist. In addition to the protein, the diet is formulated with other ingredients that include sweet potatoes and pumpkins.

It is also rich in non-GMO whole fruits and vegetables for complete and balanced nutrition. The beef recipe is also fortified with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins for your pooch’s optimal health.

Other essential ingredients include dandelion greens and New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels.

This recipe is formulated with all-natural ingredients and is free from grains, wheat, soy, corn, gluten, artificial additives, and preservatives.

Top Ingredients:

  • Beef.
  • Beef Broth.
  • Chickpeas.
  • Natural Flavor.
  • Sweet Potatoes.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein: 9.5% (minimum).
  • Crude Fat: 6% (minimum).
  • Crude Fiber: 1.5% (maximum)
  • Moisture: 78% (maximum)
  • Omega 6 Fatty Acids: 1.25% (minimum)
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: 0.2% (minimum)


Gentle Giants Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of all dog breeds and different dog sizes. It is available in two variations, that is, dry dog food and wet/canned dog food. Many pet owners report that this dog food rejuvenated their dogs.

The nutrient-rich diet features above-average proteins, low fats, and above-average carbohydrates. It also comprises of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients such as glucosamine, prebiotics, probiotics, and omega fatty acids, etc. to support your dog’s optimal health.


Is Gentle Giants diet good for small dogs?

Yes. Gentle Giants formula was specially formulated for medium and large breed dogs to increase their lifespan. However, this dense rich diet is suitable for all types of breeds and different sizes of dogs including the small dogs.  

Is Gentle Giants a grain-free dog food?

Gentle Giants wet/canned dog food does not feature grains in their diet. However, Gentle Giants dry food features wholesome grains such as rice and oatmeal.

What is in Gentle Giants dog formula ?

Compared to other typical dog food, this dog food features near-average protein, below-average fat and above-average starch. The food is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

Its protein content is mainly sourced from a single animal protein and is the main ingredient. Some of its food are grain-free while others contain wholesome grains in their diet.

However, it is free from any artificial additives and preservatives and common food allergens such as corn and gluten.

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