Pitbull is a sturdy and active dog, and is synonymous with being muscular like some kind of body-builders.

Contrast your PitBull.

Does it seem stunted, small, and without any improvement in size and weight, yet it belongs to the same stunning breed?

Chances are, you are worried, jealous, and you want something similar for your PitBull. Otherwise, you won’t be looking at this article on the best dog food for a PitBull to gain muscle.

Here is the thing.

You see, a PitBull is not like a regular reserved dog. It’s synonymous with masculinity. It’s also among the most active breeds of dogs we know so far. To spruce its vigor, it’s demeaning to feed it the way it can’t protect its sturdy body reputation.

After all, a scrawny PitBull is not what you would call a healthy dog, nor you’ll want to subject your loyal friend.

Granted food plays an integral role in the development of all pets and not just PitBulls, going beyond the meaning of essential commodity means a lot to support the lifestyle and the health of your Pitbull.

To support your pitbull's energy requirement, you must give him the bets dog food for pitbulls to gain muscle that contains all the essential components. 

Best Dog Food for PitBull to Gain Muscle Comparison Chart

Top 5 Dog Food for PitBull to Gain Muscle

Editors Pick

Bully Max High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food

Topping on our list of the best dog food to gain muscle is the Bully Max High Performance.

The Bully Max High Performance is an excellent advanced muscle building formula. Unlike the plant-based dog foods, it's crafted with all-natural, meat-based formula.

The real meat offers a high-protein diet that is rich in amino acids, which are essential in supporting muscle development.

Furthermore, the beauty of this formula is that it’s packed with 30% more protein and 20% more fat than any available traditional option.

Proteins aside, the formula contains 535 calories per cup, which is by far the highest number of calories within its class. As such, the formula will provide your PitBull with the fuel they need to turbocharge their athletic performance.

When it comes to the stomach safety of your Pitbull, rest assured, the Bully Max feed will not cause any disruption in the digestive system. The secret to this lies in diet being free from artificial flavors, soy, wheat, corn, or soy formula.

According to our research, the Bully Max is an excellent option for fast weight gain, and it’s perfect for all ages of Pitbulls, pregnant, and even lactating.


Purina Pro Plan SPORTS Performance 30/20 Formula Dry Dog Food

Whether you`re looking for your PitBull to gain muscle mass and definition or gain weight after an illness, the Purina Pro is the perfect formula.

Like the Bully Max, the Purina Pro contains 30% protein and 20% fat for optimal metabolism and lean muscle development.

Unlike humans, your dog`s main source of energy comes from fats and not carbs. As such, the 20% fat in the Purina Pro will effectively suit your Pitbull's metabolic requirements as well as maintain a lean and sturdy body.

With chicken as the first and primary ingredient, the Purina Pro offers a high-quality and protein-rich formula that will effectively sustain the energy needs of your Pitbull, and promote total body health in all stages of activeness.

Besides the chicken protein, the Purina features amino acids, which are essential in nourishing your dog`s muscles, especially during the crucial moment immediately following strenuous activity.

When it comes to VO2 Max, the Purina Pro is an excellent formula that is going to optimize the oxygen metabolism for your PitBull, and consequently improve on its endurance in a variety of fronts.

For the perfect joint health and mobility, the AAFCO approved formula features glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acid.

On the cons side, many health critics are concerned with the high amounts of grain and glutted on a diet. Moreover, the lack of flavor and repulsive odor makes the formula quite unpleasant.

Nevertheless, Purina Pro is an excellent choice for a dog like Pit, it will have the energy to excel, and overcome all the obstacles; whether competing in swimming, hunting, or fetching.

So far, Purina has had an excellent rap among the professional foods for felines and canines. You should expect nothing less than extending this legacy to your home.


Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food Real Buffalo & Sweet Potato

The Merrick is a natural grain-free recipe with plenty of muscle-building prospects.

Featuring deboned buffalo as the 1st ingredient and primary source of protein, the Merrick will promote healthy lean muscle development.

Though many dog owners who have used the feed are troubled by the levels of starch, nothing alarming about it since most of it comes from sweet potato.

Unlike other sources of starch, sweet potato is known to be the best source of high-quality carbs.

We also like that this formula has generous amounts of omega three and omega six fatty acids which are essential in promoting healthier skin, and shiny, well-aligned coat.

When it comes to taking care of healthy hips and joints especially during weight gain and aging, the formula contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin nutrient.

Furthermore, the carefully selected fruits and veggies add the required vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for the optimum health of your Pitbull.

Like the other feeds in this review, the Merrick also does not contain traces of flavors or artificial fillers. Meaning, it`s stomach-friendly for your Pitbull.


Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast

As its name suggests, the Earthborn is holistic nutrition formulated for your PitBull.

With the Lean red meat bison and lamb meat being the 1st ingredients and the primary source of protein, the Earthborn is a good place to start if you`re looking for a high protein diet that will build your Pitbull’s lean muscle and mass.

Alongside the lamb, is the egg protein which is considered the highest regarded protein for optimal muscle growth.

The lamb and egg protein mix is further improved by the inclusion of amino acids, omega 3 & 6 acids, and wholesome antioxidant veggies and fruits.

These extra complements are essential in supporting a healthy and shiny skin texture and bolstering the overall immune system.

Being a grain-free product, the Earthborn is a superb diet option, especially for the overly sensitive dogs, as it does not result in digestive issues.

On the downside, the dry and crumblier nature of the kibble has not been received that well by some users especially those looking for puppies food. We, therefore, recommend this food to dog owners with adult dogs that can chew them with no strain.

We are also concerned with the inclusion of Tapioca as the ingredient in the feed. Despite a misconception that it triggers allergies and yeast infestation, the real truth is that it's used as a filler.

Since Tapioca's source is cassava roots which is mainly starch, we believe it does not have any significant effect. So far, we haven't heard any major complaints.

If you are looking to pack some more muscles to your Pitbull, the Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast is the feed for your Pitbull.


High Prairie (Bison&Venison)

The Wild High Prairie from Taste of the Wild is a premium canine food without a premium price tag.

Even without this tag, it's a highly nutritious and protein-rich formula blended with Bison and Venison as the 1st ingredients. The meaty formulation is the primary source of elements that promote the growth of your Pitbull’s sturdy body.

And since Pitbulls are athletic in nature, the nutrients will further help in speeding energy regeneration in any strenuous exercise, and also in building lean muscles.

The impact of the muscle growth is manifested through a remarkable increase in strength and endurance. This results to a Pitbull whose sports performance is excellent in activities like weight pulling, dock jumping, frisbee catching, or even spring pole. The other meaning of fun and crazy weekend with your dog.

Just like all the grain-free options we’ve listed, the Wild High Prairie does not feature any corn, wheat, soy or any grain. The lack of grain is instrumental in minimizing chances of allergies, and other unpleasant reactions while improving the digestion considerably.

One consideration with this dog food though, you’ll have to get the best pooper scoopers to clear a lot of mess.

The Wild High Prairie is the recipe to a Pitbull whose sports performance is excellent. Let's say activities like weight pulling, dock jumping, Frisbee catching, or even spring pole will be like a gobbling a pie. 

Final Thought

We’ve come to the end of this exciting review.

We believe we’ve decluttered the myriad choices of feeds available in the market and instead swapped with a narrow, precise, and manageable list of dog foods.

With the resulting five best dog food for Pitbulls to gain muscle, you will be able to fast-track the weight-gaining of your Pit.

But here is the word of caution regarding weight stuffing of dogs. We believe it’s great for your Pitbull to look muscular. However, it’s insane to make it look like it’s on steroids. The ​downside to this effect, you might end-up exposing your dog to more health dangers than necessary. And if you are ever in doubt of whether it’s the right idea, visit your vet for further clarification.

Having said that, we hold you are on the right track. Now, it’s your time to click the button and place your order.

As always, we value your feedback, don’t forget to tell us your experience with any feeds we’ve recommended.

In and out, give yourself a smile of the best pet care for your Pitbull.


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