With their obedience, loyalty, and intelligence, Pitbulls are very active dogs.

Their agile nature makes them spend a ton of energy. To sustain them, besides quality care, they need a welcoming diet.

But with a plethora of food options available, it’s quite a hassle analyzing the best dog food in the market and nailing it perfectly. Besides, when you are unsure what to look for, and you are under the budget, things can get squiggly quickly.

Furthermore, choosing the best affordable dog food for Pitbulls requires knowledge of the breed’s nutritional demands and their health issues.

We have prepared a thorough list that digs deeper into the top 5 affordable foods for your PitBull.

Our list explores what exactly you should feed your Pit, how you should feed her, and ingredients of each food we recommend.

Shall we take you through?

5 Best Affordable Dog Food for Pitbulls: Top Picks

Editors Pick

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Pacific Stream Dry Dog Food with Smoked Salmon

The Pacific Stream dog food is a product of Diamond Pet Foods, Inc. It is among the 7 grain-free products of the Taste of the Wild dry dog formula.

Featuring a grain-free formula, it is ingredients are similar to what your dog would have in the wild. Rather than having grain, corn, wheat or filler content, the Pacific Stream uses real meat.

With the Pacific Stream diet revolving around real smoked salmon as the main ingredient, the formula will provide your PitBull with all the essential nutrients and energy they need for lean and strong muscles.

Alongside the protein-rich fish, diet is premium ingredients with added vitamins and minerals to ensure that they address all your Pit’s nutritional needs.

To make the Pacific Stream even a healthier diet, they’ve blended it with fortified superfoods such as fruits & veggies.

Here is the explanation.

You see, the superfoods are rich with antioxidation properties (read more about) and healthy fatty acids. That means, they are great for perfectly aligned skin, shiny coat, and a healthy immune system.

Aside from the formula emphasizing on better taste and it`s nutrient-rich, it is filled with proprietary probiotics. These too help in easy and fast digestion of food. Needless to add, they are nuggets of gold to the Pits, since eating is one of their hobbies.

One thing to notice though, this Pacific Stream batch has large kibbles. These large bite-sized lumps, pose a great danger to little PitBulls during swallowing. We, therefore, recommend it for adult Pits only unless you want to go the length of grinding theme. Alternatively, see our recommendation on the best pits food for puppies in this article.

A premium grain-free Dog food

The Pacific Stream dog food it`s a popular formula for PitBull owners who are seeking a premium grain-free food at affordable price.


BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Adult Dry Dog Food with Duck 

Like the Pacific Stream, the Blue Wilderness High Protein food is designed to imitate the diet of a wild wolf, so you should expect a lot of meat.

For this particular formula, the diet primarily uses real meat as the bedrock ingredient.

The main sources of protein on this product consist of deboned duck, chicken meat, and turkey meat.

Based on our experience, this formula is designed to address potential health issues including muscle development, bone & teeth development, joint health, skin, and coat issues, and stimulate the immune system.

Further, for those seeking to manage the weight of their PitBulls, the poultry ingredient is the ideal food.

Alongside the essential protein are high-value carbs that will address the energy requirements for your PitBull.

Moreover, the optimal balance of minerals, vitamins, and Omega-3 acids are essential in promoting healthy and shiny skin.

More importantly, is the addition of Blue`s exclusive LifeSource Bits. In simple language, they are a careful blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

In fact, they’ve become their unique selling point. However, it’s not just a buzzword or something to hype it, it’s what in reality puts it apart from the rest of food products.  The bottom line is that they are essential in elevating the immune system of your Pitbull as well as providing support for every life stage requirement.

Finally, a healthy combination of fruits and veggies, devoid of fillers, flavors or poultry by-products make the Blue Wilderness the go-to diet for your PitBull.

The Wolf Power Hooked in The Ingredients

The  Blue Wilderness is essential dog food in not only elevating the immune system but also providing the ultimate support for every life stage of your Pitbull.


CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food with Fresh Salmon

The Candidae is a simple yet effective grain-free dog food.

The Candidae is specially made to meet the demands of the highly sensitive PitBulls, but can also make a perfect food formula for the non-sensitive dogs.

The formula comes with a plethora of 7-10 ingredients, which feature fresh salmon meat as the key ingredient.

the key ingredient.

  • Salmon Meal
  • Potatoes
  • Suncured Alfalfa
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    Canola oil
  • check
  • check
    Salmon Meal
  • check
    Menhaden Fish Meal
  • check
    Sweet potatoes

Besides the highly nutritious salmon protein, this formula additionally comes with natural flavors, vitamin, minerals, and probiotics in the mix.

The probiotics are necessary for easy digestion, while the antioxidants will support your Pitbull’s immune system.

Free from soy, corn, and wheat, this omega-3 &6-rich formula, offers a limited but wholesome and nutritious diet.

Simplified For Highly Sensitive Stomach Pitties

Your bullies are for sure going to love this diet, but you will have to put up with too much poop.


Wellness Core Dry Dog Food

If you are prepared to provide complete and well-balanced nutrition for your Pitbull, the Wellness Core is the Pit food for you. This is because it’s bedrock juice is a high concentration of protein formula.

Manufactured from animal products (70% protein), the Wellness Core includes turkey and chicken meat; all of which provide your PitBull with the protein they need for lean mass muscle and healthy skeletal growth.

Besides the protein, it would also be worth mentioning this formula is 100% natural and focuses on the proper growth of your dog. And the best part, it has premium quality natural ingredients.

Moreover, it is free of artificial flavoring or artificial ingredients.

Emphasizing a natural diet, the Wellness Core is devoid of grain, soy, wheat gluten or corn. As such, your dog is going to savor each bite of the Wellness Core, because it imitates what the wild offers.

In conclusion, the formula has high elements of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. More importantly, it`s backed by Wellness Guarantee.

On the downside, however, though it has an optimal and a healthy at content, it may not be sufficient enough for the athletic PitBulls. As such, it's great for puppies and elderly Pitbulls. 

the Wellness Core provides A complete and well-balanced nutrition

With the curation of Tuckey and Chicken meat, your Pitbull is going to savor each bite of the Wellness Core, because it imitates what the wild offers.


Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food

The Freedom is yet another awesome product from the Blue Buffalo line of dog foods.

Like its name suggests, the Blue Freedom is specifically tailored for the puppies.

Featuring real meat as the first ingredient, the high-quality protein from deboned chicken, plus chicken & turkey meal will provide your puppies with the energy they need to develop strong muscles.

Most importantly, is the DHA and ARA which are vital fatty acids found in mother`s milk. The tow fatty acids plus Choline, are essential for supporting the healthy development of cognitive learning and retinal function for your PitBull puppy.

Like all the Blue Buffalo formulas, the Freedom contains Blue`s exclusive LifeSource Bits which is vital for the holistic growth of your puppy.

Being a grain-free formula, the Freedom is free from wheat, soy, corn, or even poultry by-products.

Your Pitbulls' Puppy Best Formula

You should get your adorable puppy the Freedom today.

Final Thought

In this article, we believe we’ve provided you with the most thorough review of the best affordable dog food for Pitbulls.

Our team did not only want to recommend quality products but also pocket-friendly and satisfy high nutritional needs of the Pits.

We’ve also considerably reduced the number of feeds we’ve recommended so that you cut the noise to only the best food for your Pitbull.

As you know, unlike other breeds of dogs, Pitbulls are quite special. They are aggressive, playful, and athletic. These traits call for a complement of a quality diet to keep the energy flowing.

For such high demand for energy, therefore, they need food containing high traces of protein while still offering other benefits like probiotics additives, muscle building, sensitive stomach, and skeletal growth. We’ve also covered food for both puppies, adults, and seniors.

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