11 Flushable Cat Litters (Best Septic-Safe Brands)

The journey towards a green-environment starts with how you dispose of used cat litter.

You might ask: is there any other solution apart from dumping it in landfill?

Luckily, there is an option. Enter flushable cat litter. Its Eco-friendly, biodegradable and the easiest to dispose of.

Once your cat has done its business, you can just flush the litter down the toilet, and the litter will dissolve over time in the sewerage. However there are a few factors to consider before making the decision to flush your cat litter, like if your plumbing is in good condition, and if your local laws allow it.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of flushing cat litter, and also reviews of some good flushable litter brands.

litter box near toilet

Is Flushable Cat Litter Really Important?

According to a report by Stanford University, billions of tons of cat litter are dumped in landfills annually, and this leads to contamination of water sources. 

In fact, the amount of cat litter dumped in landfills is 15 times more than the number of human diapers. The litter tends to swell and stick when buried, and can be harmful to the environment.

The use of flushable cat litter is a well-thought-out alternative that gives you a piece of mind and lets you dispose of cat litter without harming the environment.

Once the litter is drained into the sewerage system, it is treated like human waste to make it safe for the environment.

The sewerage treatment removes harmful components that may be present in the litter, making the waste biodegradable.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) recommends flushing cat litter as opposed to dumping it in landfills.

Flushable cat litter is made of natural materials such as kernel corn and wheat that are biodegradable.

Also, the use of these materials helps in absorbing the waste and reducing odors, that may be caused by ammonia in the cat urine.

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Flushable Cat Litter – Our Top Picks

World’s Best Cat Litter

Editor’s Choice
HempAlta Premium Organic Cat LitterBest Organic
Garfield Cat LitterBest Budget

​When Not To Use Flushable Cat Litter

Although using the ​flushable cat litter is recommended where possible (and legal), there are instances where cat owners are advised not to use flushable cat litter.

Living in Coastal Homes

In a situation where you live along the coast line, and your drainage system is connected to the sewer, you should avoid flushing the cat litter down the toilet.

In ​some cases, the waste will end up in the sea, and this will harm marine life and even lead to the death of sea animals like fish and sea turtles.

Faulty Plumbing System

If your home plumbing system is defective, you should stop flushing cat litter down the toilet.

Instead, you should scoop the clumps in the litter and find alternative disposal methods.

Flushing the litter in the toilet may end up blocking the plumbing system, leading to bad smells within the house, and expensive plumbing repairs.

State/Federal Government Regulations

Some countries have laws prohibiting the disposal of cat litter in the toilet.

For some states in the US, people are required to dispose of cat litter in the garbage since flushing it down the toilet could clog the sewerage system.

If you are considering flushing cat litter, then check your local regulations before making the final decision.

Best Flushable Cat Litter Reviews

1. World’s Best Cat Litter

The World’s Best Cat Litter is our top pick for the best flushable cat litter.

It is made of whole-kernel corn that helps absorb urine and clump up cat litter quickly without the need to use chemicals.

The all-natural material absorbs the odor, especially Ammonia from urine, that may get stuck in the litter box.

The clumping formula allows it to trap dirt and dust.

This cat litter is safe for septic tanks.


  • Made with wood fibers that control odor.
  • Quick clumping.
  • Safe to use with a septic tank.
  • No chemicals used.


  • Some users say that the scent is strong.

2. sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat litter

sWheat Scoop multi-cat litter utilizes wheat formula to control the odor emanating from cat faecal matter and urine.

It clumps quickly, and this helps control any dust particles that may get into the house and cause health issues like allergies.

The litter is soft and perfect for kittens learning their way around the litter box.

Wheat is biodegradable material that can be flushed or used as compost manure in your garden.

This makes this cat litter environmentally friendly sWheat Scoop Flushable Cat litter does not contain any chemicals that may harm your cats.


  • Biodegradable and renewable material
  • No harmful chemicals or fragrances.


  • More expensive than other brands we reviewed.

3. Better Way Flushable Litter Clumping Cat Litter

Better way flushable litter is made with 100% natural zeolite that helps in odor control. 

The superior odor control feature makes this cat litter popular among cat owners.

Another extra is the Sanel, a natural cat attractant, that helps train kittens to use the litter box.

Better way flushable cat litter is NOT recommended for homes with septic tanks.


  • Superb odor control
  • Does not clog the toilet even if you do not have a septic tank.
  • Perfect for training kittens to use the litter box.
  • Package bag has a strong handle for easy handling.


  • Packaging not resealable.

4. Garfield Cat Litter All-Natural

Garfield flushable cat litter is made from plant-based natural ingredients making it biodegradable and it can easily be flushed down the toilet.

The clumps should be soaked and let to dissolve before flushing them.

This clumping litter does not contain chemicals or artificial additives and its therefore safe for pets. It is best for urine odor control.


  • All natural plant-based ingredients that are 100% biodegradable.
  • Excellent urine absorption.
  • Unscented.


  • The litter must soak and dissolve before flushing it.

5. HempAlta Premium Organic Cat Litter 

This organic flushable cat litter is made with 100% renewable Canadian hemp fiber that makes this litter biodegradable, flushable and scoopable.

It does not contain any fillers or toxic clay that may cause allergies to your cat and yourself.

One of the unique features of this cat litter is that it is ultra-absorbent, meaning that it absorbs more moisture than other brands, therefore preventing cat urine from getting to the bottom of the litter box.

It also contains a natural deodorizer that helps in odor control.

Cat parents who have used this litter say this litter is light, non-tracking and unscented.

This litter does not contain artificial dyes, perfumes, and fragrances that may make your cat stay away from the box.

For an average cat parent with one or two cats, this bag will last about 6 to 8 weeks.


  • Made with eco-friendly Canadian hemp fiber.
  • High moisture absorption.
  • Great for odor-control.


  • There are complaints about this litter being dusty.

6. Okocat Natural Wood Cat Litter 

If you are looking for a cat litter that clumps well and has low dust, you should check out Okocat Natural Wood Cat Litter.

This cat litter is made from reclaimed timber, and it is a blend of pine, spruce, and fir. It helps in controlling litter odors naturally without using any chemicals that may harm your cat.

The company says that this litter absorbs 5x their weight in moisture.

This is because timber fiber is a highly absorbent product that locks moisture in its natural capillary system.

This helps keep the litter box mostly dry, and the cat urine does not get to the bottom of the box.

However, even though Okocat Natural Wood Cat Litter was one of our best flushable cat litter brands, some customers say that this litter has a tracking problem.

The litter particles get attached to the cat’s paws and leave traces of cat litter in the house. This cat litter is biodegradable and flushable.


  • Great moisture absorption and odor control.
  • Made from natural reclaimed timber that is biodegradable.
  • Super lightweight.


  • Customers have reported tracking problems.

7. Blue Buffalo Blue Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Litter

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh cat litter is a made from crushed walnut shells that make this brand natural and environmentally friendly.

Customers who have used this product say that it eliminates litter odors in a way that you won’t have to worry about foul smells coming from the litter box.

This cat litter is also good in moisture retention and has a long-lasting absorbency. The company says that this litter absorbs moisture 3x better than clay litter.

Another thing I love about this litter is that it is dust-free and some customers have used it successfully with asthmatic cats. It is also easy to clean and has minimal tracking.

The primary material used to make the Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh cat litter is ground walnut shells that are soft to the paws.

This material gives the litter box a natural scent that some cats may or may not love.


  • Made with natural and biodegradable walnut shells.
  • Perfect for odor control.
  • Minimal tracking.


  • Does NOT clump well like other comparable brands.
  • The Walnut scent may not be ideal for scent-allergic cats.

8. It’s a Tea Potty! Hinoki Wood & Green Tea Natural Cat Litter

If you love green tea as much as I love mine, then your cat will love the green tea aroma of this litter.

This litter is made with Hinoki wood and green tea, which helps in neutralizing the urine smells and giving the litter box a fresh green tea aroma.

These materials help suppress bacteria and strong odors without using any harmful chemicals.

It does not contain any wheat, soy or corn, which makes it a perfect option if you have a hypoallergenic cat.

The materials used to make this cat litter are responsibly sourced and sustainable to ensure that your cat gets the best while preserving the environment.

The litter is pellet-sized to soak urine quickly and retain the moisture efficiently.

Some customers say that the pellets are hard, and therefore, not as gentle on the paws as you would expect of a cat litter. 

You may also need to use a sifting litter scoop to filter the litter from the poo. Due to the size of the pellets, the litter may have tracking issues.


  • Fresh aroma of green tea.
  • Natural, flushable, and biodegradable.
  • Great for odor control.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Particles are medium-sized, and this causes tracking.
  • The green tea may not be ideal for cats that are sensitive to scents.

9. Next Gen All Natural Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter 

Next Gen All Natural cat litter is primarily made from recycled wood and green tea powder.

These components help in preventing the growth of bacteria in the litter box, and this gives it a refreshing green tea aroma.

It does not contain any artificial additives.

One of the things that pet parents love about this litter is how well it absorbs moisture in the litter box.

It forms light and small clumps, even though these clumps are not the most cohesive.

Next Gen describes this litter as one that creates 1/3 lighter and smaller clumps than clay litter. This litter is also lightweight.

Some reviewers have had success with this litter when using it for composting.

Next Gen’s litter pellets dissolve quickly in water and are safe to use with septic and sewer systems.

On the downside, some reviewers say that this litter does have some dust (but lower than sand type litter) and may not be ideal for cats with respiratory conditions.


  • Authentic green tea scent.
  • Forms light and small clumps.
  • Lightweight.
  • Made from natural materials.


  • May release some dust when draining the bag.

10. Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Clumping Cat Litter

Nature’s Miracle is one of the oldest manufacturers of pet products (for over three decades).

This Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense cat litter is great for high traffic and multi-cat litter boxes.

This litter clumps so well and it has a high absorbency to keep the litter box dry.

Reviewers say that this litter is low dust and the cat will rarely leave a trail of dust when coming out of the litter box.

One thing that we love about this litter is how it controls odors without using artificial fragrances. It eliminates nasty odors naturally and effectively.

It has a bio-enzyme component that fights ammonia, urine and waste odors, and this helps in managing strong odors in the litter box.

Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Cat litter has a good clumping ability, and the pellets form hard and dry clumps that are easily scoopable without falling off.


  • Bio-enzyme components to destroy ammonia, urine and faces odor.
  • Good clumping.
  • No artificial fragrances.


  • It does have some dust.

11. Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Cat Litter 

Arm & Hammer Multi-cat clump & seal is one of the most popular cat litters due to its innovative odor control techniques.

It is designed to seal and destroy odors before they get out of the box.

When the cat has finished its business, the micro-granules form a seal around the waste, while the odor eliminators and baking soda destroy the sealed odors on contact. This feature makes this brand ideal for multi-cat homes.

Another feature that pet parents love about this litter is how well it clumps. It forms rock-hard clumps that hold together even when scooping the waste.

After scooping, the litter box will be almost free of small chunks of cat waste.

The clumping also helps to reduce the amount of dust in the litter box.

The only problem we found with this cat litter is the scent.

It has a light scent or fragrance that may not be ideal for allergic cats or cats that are sensitive to fragrances.


  • Innovative odor control technique.
  • Good in clumping
  • Ideal for multi-cat homes.


  • It is Scented.

Factors To Consider When Buying Flushable Cat Litter

If you are a recent cat owner or an experienced cat owner looking to buy a new type of cat litter, there are some factors that you should take into account.

Here are some of the things that you should consider when looking to buy the best flushable cat litter:

Type Of Material

The various types of flushable cat litter are made of different materials, each having its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Natural materials like wheat and kernel corn are generally good but may have a few problems with odor control and clumping.
  • Cat litters made of clay have excellent odor control and clumping but can be a little dusty.

The dust may have health issues like allergy when it gets around the house.

In some cases, some cat litter manufacturers combine several types of materials to bring the benefits of each ingredient.

How Messy Is Flushable Cat Litter?

Some cat litters are less messy than others, depending on the materials used.

In determining how messy a litter is, we consider water retention, dust levels, and tracking.

Water Retention Capability

  • A good flushable cat litter should be able to retain urine and feces and keep the litter dry.

    It should also absorb moisture before it gets to the bottom of the litter box.

Dust Levels

  • A good flushable cat litter should have proper dust control mechanisms to avoid exposing the cat and people living around to health issues.

    The dust from cat litter can lead to harmful allergens.

​Low Tracking

  • Tracking is when the cat carries the litter granules out of the litter box on its paws.

    For a litter that tracks often, you will need to clean your house regularly.

    A good flushable cat litter should track as little as possible at all times.

Litter Clumping

Clumping is when the cat litter forms around the cat droppings, making it possible to scoop out the area where the cat excreted.

When buying a flushable cat litter, you should check to confirm if the litter is a clumping or non-clumping cat litter.

Although some cat owners prefer clumping cat litter, there are others who prefer non-clumping litter.

If you are not sure which one to choose, the clumping cat litter is more convenient since you can scoop out a particular area where the cat dropped its poop.

This will be more economical in the long run since you will not need to dispose of the entire litter.

Additionally, clumping helps in minimizing the odor from the urine and poop.

Size Of Granules

Cat litter granules come in different sizes, and it is important to find the right balance.

Finer granules will be softer to the cats toes, especially if you have kittens around.

However, the problem with fine granules is that they track easily and you will need to do frequent cleaning.

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