5 Best Cat Litter that Doesn’t Track Reviews [Non-Tracking Litter] 2020

One of the biggest disappointments that cat owners face with cat litter is tracking issues.

And the most unpleasant thing is getting home to a house with litter granules scattered all over.

It can be worse when this happens every day, and you have to spend several minutes each day cleaning the mess. 

Our top recommendation for the best non-tracking cat litter is Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter. This litter is 99.9% dust free, and it is made of medium and heavy-non-tracking granules to reduce incidences of incidences.

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Blue Buffalo Blue Naturally Cat Litter

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Choosing Non Tracking Cat Litter

When your cat has finished toileting and is stepping out of the litter box, some litter granules are likely to get attached to cat’s paws.

The effect of this is that the litter particles will be scattered all over the house as the cat moves around the house.

There are certain things that you look out for when buying cat litter to make sure you get a high-performance litter that has little or no tracking issues. Here are some of the factors you should consider:


Buying litter that is made with high-quality materials can help reduce instances of litter tracking, and the litter getting attached to the cat’s paws.

Clay is the most common material that is used in making cat litter, but there are other awesome options that you can consider. Some of these materials include ground coconut shells, walnuts, and wood fibers.

Size of granules

The size of the litter granules determines if they will get attached to the cat’s paws.

For example, large granules are less likely to get attached to the cat’s paws, since they will fall off once the cat starts walking. Also, if you have a litter mat, it can trap most of the granules as the cat is stepping out of the litter box.


When buying cat litter, consider buying brands that have a reputation of not tracking.

Look around, get recommendations from other pet parents to know what works for them and check out what other customers are saying about specific brands. Dr. Elsey’s and World’s Best Cat Litter are some examples of cat litter that doesn’t track.

5 Best Cat Litter That Doesn’t Track Reviews

1. Dr. Elsey's Pack Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Editor's Choice

Pack precious cat litter is one of the best non-tracking cat litter in the current market.

Most cat owners love this product for its natural materials. The clumping litter does not contain any plant protein, perfume, deodorant, or chemicals, thus, is a hypoallergenic cat litter.

This cat litter is 99.9% dust free hence will not make a mess of your home. Also, the health of your pet and that of the family members is not compromised.

Pack precious cat litter has an amazing odor absorbing and tracking capacity that can last for about a week.

The cat litter is made with medium grains and heavy non-tracking granules and conducive for use by multiple cats.

The Premium clumping litter absorbs all the moisture ensuring that it does not reach the bottom. It works best in mechanical or sifted trays.


  • Effective clumping and odor control.
  • Dust free.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Hypoallergenic, and therefore, perfect is you or your cat are allergic to cat litter.


  • Clumping is not very cohesive.
  • A little pricey.

2. World’s Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula 

The Multiple Cat Clumping Formula litter is suitable for both single and multiple cat households.

This litter is made up of plant derivatives and other natural ingredients, and it lacks the synthetics found in most litter brands in the market.

The litter contains large corn-based granules that form hard clumps, preventing litter tracking and making cleaning a lot easier. The litter also helps in reducing odors, and your visitors will hardly complain of fouls smells.

The corn-based granules are biodegradable, and safe for the environment. The litter can is septic-safe and can be flushed down the toilet if your local laws allow that.

The World’s Best Cat Litter clumping formula is dust-free, and it is ideal if you have family members who are allergic to cat litter.


  • Made with corn-based materials.
  • Biodegradable materials.
  • Suitable for multiple cats.
  • Odor control and dust free.


  • Pricey.

3. Blue Buffalo Blue Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

Blue Buffalo is a popular brand among cat parents due to its use of natural ingredients that are friendly to the cats, people, and the environment as well.

The same is incorporated in this clumping litter that uses biodegradable materials devoid of chemicals, toxins, grains, clay, corn, etc.

The BLUE Naturally Fresh uses walnut shells that quickly absorb odors and moisture. It has a long-lasting absorbency such that a bag of this formula is equal to three bags of the leading clay litter.

The cat litter formula is dust-free, and you would not have to worry about dust clouds that cause allergic reactions like sneezing and scratching.

Also, the formula does not get attached to your feline’s paws, making your clean-up easy. This cat litter is low-tracking and comes in a wide range of formulas to suit your needs.


  • High absorbency made possible by the use of walnut shells.
  • All- natural materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for your cat.
  • Excellent odor control and dust- free formula.
  • Low-tracking cat litter.


  • A few customers had issues with the clumping ability of this litter.
  • A bit expensive but worth the price.

4. Feline pine original cat litter 

This cat litter uses pine wood granules as the base of the litter to prevent tracking while keeping your house tidy.

This Feline litter brand does not use any chemicals, additives, or synthetic fragrances. Allergic Cat parents and their fur babies say that this litter is indeed hypoallergenic, and has low-tracking problems.

The litter has a great odor control thanks to its pine formula that absorbs ammonia odors and other noxious smells emanating from the litter box.

This litter is also dust free, and it does not use any clay-based ingredients or byproducts.


  • Great odor control mechanism.
  • Dust-free.
  • Environmental friendly and safe for your furry friend(s).
  • Non-clumping cat litter.


  • The texture of the granules may not be appealing to some cats
  • Some cats might take a while to get used to pine granules. Introduce the litter into their box little by little until it they are used to it.

5. Arm & Hammer Multi-cat clump and Seal Clumping litter 

This specially formulated clumping litter is designed to seal and destroy odors coming out of the litter box.

The litter’s heavy-duty odor eliminators and Arm & Hammer baking soda destroy odor on contact. However, some cats may be uncomfortable with the potent smile.

The clumping feature of the litter works perfectly well, thanks to the moisture-activated micro-granules that form a tight seal around your kitten’s waste.

This reduces incidences of litter tracking. What’s more, you will enjoy easy scooping since the litter contains plant-derived particles that create rock-solid clumps.

Arm & Hammer clumping litter is almost non-tracking and the manufacturer guarantees a 7-day odor-free home. This litter is dust-free, and this makes it friendly to allergic family members and cats.


  • Dust free.
  • Great clumping that does not break while scooping and eliminates tracking.
  • Eliminates foul odors.


  • Strong scent.


There are dozens of cat litter that doesn't track on the market, with each brand have its pros and cons. From our top five choices, you can get a non-tracking cat litter that works for you and your cat.

As a caution, always make sure to wash your hands with soap once you have poured the cat litter, since some of the cat litter is manufactured using materials that are foreign to human beings. 


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