Songmics Cat Tree Condo Review 2020: How safe is it?

I had quite a rough time controlling my little furry friend; the constant scratching of my sofas, not to mention the frequent jumps from one furniture to the other. 

It was hectic dealing with all the mess she would create, from breaking glasses, pouring my baby’s fruit juices to disarranging my home library. Not only that, but I also worried about her safety: what if she broke her legs or got injured by the sharp objects?

I had to look for a solution.

During my research, I bumped into the Songmics cat tree condo, a game-changer for my little fur friend and I.

The Songmics cat tree condo is one of the best cat furniture items that every cat parent should have at home, to give them a peace of mind, and as a safe haven for a playful cat.

Key Features of Songmics Cat Tree

Multi-leveled Layer

Your furry friend would have so much fun playing, jumping around, and even taking a good nap with this great cat tree.

The cat tree features two luxurious condos that are spacious enough even for your large cat. It not only offers comfort but also the privacy your feline may need during a nap or rest time. 

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In addition, the cat tree is designed with three perches, one at the top end of the tree. The perches are padded well offering your cat a cozy place to rest while admiring her surroundings. Also, each perch contains a dangling ball that will keep your cat entertained.

What’s more, the edges of the perch are well-padded to allow your cat to rest her head on, while ensuring her safety.

Your feline friend will never have enough of the sisal-roped slope. She will enjoy scratching her claws over the natural sisal rope as well as exercising.

With the multiple perches, you can get this cat tree for your multiple cats.

Luxurious Touch

Cats love luxury, and the Songmics cat tree provides just that. It offers a cozy home for your feline to play around, rest and even take a nap.

Featuring four platforms, three perches, two comfy condos, a large slope for scratching and sharpening claws, this cat tree is every feline’s dream come true.

What’s more, the entire cat tree features super soft fabric covers thus friendly even for the most sensitive cat’s skin.


One of the top priorities that cat owners look out for when shopping for a cat tree is its safety features. Is the cat tree stable enough?

Well, the Songmics cat tree is made of CARB-certified premium particle boards with a high density. The natural particle boards enhance the stability of the cat tree and the overall safety of your cat or kitten as they jump around the tree.

In addition, the cat tree features sturdy supporting tubes. The high-density tubes comprise compressed and glued cardboard.

The supporting tubes coupled with the natural particle boards ensure that the cat tree won’t wobble or stumble even with the much-exerted effort from the large cats.

Its stability is further enhanced by its super sturdy base, the 67-inch height, and its 64-pound weight. This cat tree guarantees you peace of mind if you are worried that your playful cat might stumble on this condo.


Packed with lots of awesome features, you would expect that the cat tree is a bit pricey. This cat tree comes at a modest price, which is slightly lower than what comparable brands cost. Click here to check the latest price on Amazon.

Spacious Enough

My neighbor bought this cat tree for four of her cats and she has never regretted. The cat tree is spacious enough hence works perfectly for multiple cats. Apart from adult cats, this cat tree is also safe for kittens, who are looking for a safe place to play, jump and exercise the sharpness of their tiny claws.

Ease of Assembling

Many users of the cat tree love how it is so easy to assemble this cat tree compared to other cat tree brands.  Follow the included instructional manual and ensure to place it on a flat floor preferably at the wall corner.

Remember, you can choose between two colors i.e. smoky gray and light gray.


Gift your lovely furry friend with this amazing Songmics cat tree condo and save your furniture from the irritating cat scratches. With its premium features and modest pricing, the Songmics cat tree is designed to give you a peace of mind and let your kitty show her athletics side without getting worried that she will get hurt.

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