5 Simple Cat Workouts That Your Kitty Will Enjoy

Cat workouts help fluffy felines to sustain their health and use their natural instincts in a way they enjoy.

Two out of every three domestic house cats have weight problems, and this leads to other serious health concerns.

Just like us, your cat needs physical exercise to help control weight, keep their muscles toned, and activate their metabolism. Cats love to play, and you will build a closer bond by playing with them regularly, and the bonus is they get a workout at the same time.

Dog owners obviously have many exercise options – but what do we have for cats?

We’ve made a list of some great activities to help your cat remain healthy (and sometimes give you a good laugh too!).

cat jumping

5 Best Cat Workouts:

Hunting Games

Your cat is naturally a hunter, and this is the natural side you must use.

Every cat loves chasing objects, and crawling or jumping to grab something.

You can use objects like a mouse toy, a string-like ribbon or yarn that moves when you jerk or twitch it, bird replicas with feathers, and laser light spots.

Your cat will naturally enjoy the game, and they will willingly spend time being a complete maniac!

  • Try getting a small fluffy toy connected by a string to a stick. With little effort you can flick the fluffy toy around while they chase it.
  • Laser pointers are also great, since you can sit on the lounge while you crazy cat runs around in circles chasing that elusive dot of light.

It’s way more fun for you to control where the light goes by using a cheap laser pointer than using a more expensive automatic laser toy.

Cheap Toys Your Cat Will Love

Don’t spend too much on toys, sometimes the simplest things are best:

  • Screw up a ball of aluminum foil – they are lightweight and cats will bat them with their paws and chase them all over the house.
  • A strip of newspaper tied with string – for some reason cats go bonkers over these!
  • Pistachio unopened nut shells – the ones that aren’t cracked open make great cat toys. They love the taste of chewing on them, and will bat them across hard floors and chase them everywhere (until they get lost under your furniture!).
  • Elastic hair bands – they are great for chewing on (apparently), and when they get stuck on your cats claws they will flick them off across the room – and I think we all know what happens next.


This game is so much fun as well. You also don’t need many things for this. Instead of leaving your cat doing nothing, you should stack a few boxes and papers and let your cat play with them.

Likely, your cat will climb in the boxes and try to investigate, and they also love crawling around on loose paper.

Did You Know?
Cats love hiding behind objects and springing out suddenly to grab them, and if you have some energy you can turn this into an active game.

Fun Time With Your Cat – The Stalking Game!

When you see that crazy look in their eyes you know it’s play time!

Just duck down behind something (like the end of your lounge) and peer at them with just your eyes and top of your head looking up over the edge.

  • Before you know it, you will see them hunker down, and once they are ready they will jump up, run over to you and have a playful bat at you with their paw.
  • Then they will run off behind something and peer over the top waiting for you to play again!

You can even spring up and playfully poke them, and then go hide again just like they do.

Most people don’t know that cats will play with you like this, but trust me – even if they don’t get it the first time, they soon will.

All my cats through many years have played this game with me – and they love it. You just need to keep an eye-out for when they have had enough, and then stop.

They play this way because it’s natural instinct to them when hunting prey, and if you have two cats you will often see them play naturally this way together.

Climbing and Scratching

All cats love this game, and it’s a hands-off game that they play on their own.

Consider buying a cat tree and maybe a couple of other scratching objects like a cardboard scratching block as this saves them scratching you furniture.

Check out our list of recommended large cat trees to get some ideas

When they are in the mood they will have a scratch and then often go briefly running around like a lunatic – great exercise with no effort from you.

Cat climbing posts are a good way to encourage a little exercise through climbing, scratching, and jumping.

Bonding Games

Bonding is a great cat workout for you and your furry friend.

There are various ways you can bond:

Spend 5-10 minutes several times a day to play games with your cat.

It does not have to be a sophisticated play. You can crawl with them, play tickles or anything you like with your cat.

The exercise does not only provide enough exercise for your cat but also develops the strength of your bonding with them.

Now, you have quite a list to try. Try to do 10 minutes exercise for your cat several times a day – it keeps their body healthy and active.

Set a goal for better health for your kitty, and try one cat exercise at a time.

FAQ’s About Cat Workouts

How long should I play with my cat?

Cat exercises need consistency, and you should set aside a few minutes everyday to play with them.

You can set aside 20 minutes of playtime each day, with 10-minutes play sessions and a break in between.

You will see when your cat has had enough, so try not to overdo it, or playtime can turn annoying for them and they won’t be so keen next time.

How do I get my lazy cat to play?

Getting a lazy cat to play can be cumbersome sometimes, but if you find a game that the cat likes, stick to it.

Try find the toys that your cat likes best by trying a few from the suggestions above.

You will soon see which toys your cat likes best, and you will often see them carrying their favorite toys around the house in their mouths.

Also, you should set aside more play time. Use treats to reward the cat’s healthy behavior.

How do I get my cat to lose weight?

The first step to help your cat lose weight is to control the amount of calories that you are feeding them.

Feed them with highly digestible meat-based foods and increase the proposition of canned and raw foods in their diet.

You can also buy dry foods specially formulated for cat weight loss. 

Read about some cat food varieties that help with weight loss

Increase the amount of playtime and reduce the number of treats, since some of these contribute to weight gain.

How do I get my cat in shape?

Inspire your cat to play by leaving cardboard boxes, tissue papers, and paper bags. You can provide cat toys, balls, sticks with feathers that prompt the cat into play.

Scratching posts and cat trees also encourage the cat to be active, and the cat will get back in shape over time.

What do cats like to play with?

Cats love to play with toys with different textures, and that mimic their natural prey.

For example, you can get toys in the shape of mice or small birds, and they will inspire your cat to play.

You may also be able to increase your cat’s interest in toys by rubbing the toys in catnip, or using toys that have catnip inside them – however not all cats will respond to catnip.