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5 Best Cat Tree for Large Cats (Stable and Durable) 2020

Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

Cats naturally love to hang out on top of household furniture that they can find, either at the top of the fridge, kitchen counters or cabinetry.

These places are naturally calming and peaceful for your feline. And getting her the best cat tree for large cats cat adds to her list of relaxation spots.

The good thing with having a cat tree for your cat is that it allows your cat to play, exercise, play hide and seek, and retreat whenever she feels like.

See, cats, are more like humans, in that they need the same things to stay happy and healthy. For instance, they need a healthy diet, regular exercising and a regular sleep schedule like you do.

More importantly, though, they need to relax and unwind. Without a place to de-stress, your pet will live under constant stress, which can affect their overall health. Regular exercising allows your cat to shed off some weight, and strengthen her muscles.

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Feandrea Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

Editor's Choice

Trixie Cat Tree Play House

Best for Multiple Cats

Go Pet Club 72" Cat Tree

Best Budget

Best Cat Tree for Large Cats- Top Picks

1. FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo (Editor’s Choice)

Topping our list of the best tree for large cats is the Feandrea Multi-level cat tree. This multi-layered cat house is spaciously luxurious for your feline.

Sporting two roomy condos, and three plush perches, the tree provides your feline with endless opportunities for fun and relaxation.

You will certainly fall in love with its amazing and luxurious features. For a start, the overall design of this cat tree reeks of quality apprenticeship; everything designed with attention to detail.

For instance, the tree is coated with a premium lighter grey soft fur that provides a luxuriously cozy home for your large feline to play, take a nap or jump around.

Adding to the exclusive entertainment is the scratching posts that are reinforced with natural sisal rope. Besides allowing nail sharpening, and exercises, the scratching posts are an excellent way for your cat to mark territory. More importantly, the posts mean that you will no longer have to worry about your cat scratching your furniture or décor.

With regards to safety, the CARB-certified natural particle boards, which are bolstered with battens at the bottom, will improve on the stability of the tree as well as the safety of your feline. Moreover, the addition of anti-toppling fittings is also an excellent way of boosting the security.

The tree brings a lot of entertainment to the table, which is hard for any tree to compete. From running up the ramp into the condo, passing time on the perches with raised edges for comfort, scratching the sisal to playing with the dangling balls, the Songmics is sure to be the dream house of your feline.

2. Trixie Cat Tree Play House (Best large tree for multiple cats)

The Trixie playhouse is a monster play tool that will keep your feline engaged and entertained for hours.

One of the distinct features of this play tool is the staggering 6 scratching posts. With such a large number of scratching posts, this cat tree will provide endless hours of scratching, exercising, and entertainment. This is not to mention that it will save you from the agony of scratched décor and furniture.

Cats are territorial animals, and the 6 posts are sufficient enough for more than one cat to mark their territory. As such, it means that this 5 feet tall cat tree is also a perfect playhouse for those with multiple cats, not to mention that provides you with value for your money.

Trixie cat tree comes with a condo, and three lying platforms with extra padding and backrest.

Though it lacks dangling balls such as those on the Feandrea, it features a play tunnel, a ladder with sisal rungs and sisal scratch wave.

On the downside, the cat tree comes with an okay manual, but it`s not as straightforward as it should be. The lack of a comprehensive description of the measurements makes it hard to fit flush on a wall or corner.

While assembly might not be a huge drawback to many, it could be a huge deal, especially to the space conscience individuals.

Nonetheless, aside from the design measurement, the Trixie is overall an awesome cat tree that will serve all the needs of your multiple felines.

3. Armarkat Cat Tree Model (Holds up to 70 pounds of weight)

The Armarkat Cat tree is one of the large cat trees that build-up cats love. Standing at 80-inches tall, it weighs approximately 55 pounds. It comes with a dimension of 3 feet deep and 2 feet wide.

As such, it`s spacious and roomy, giving your large felines space they need for playing, relaxing and entertaining.

The major highlight, however, of this large dimension is that it`s similarly accompanied by huge weight capacity. The cat tree comes with a maximum holding weight of 70 pounds, which is enough to accommodate several cats

This Armarkat cat tree model is a pet-friendly model designed with a pet-friendly material, harmless to pets, pet parents and your family. With this cat tree, you don’t have to worry about the health concerns associated with synthetic fabrics or harmful dyes.

This model comes with a single condo and three perches for the ultimate fun experience. At the top perch is a dangling ball that your feline can use to play with.

The pressed wood material used to design the perch is covered with faux fleece material, which offers a luxuriously entertaining experience for your feline.

A major caveat on the tool lies in its stability. For an 80-inch cat tree with no stairs or climbs, this is quite understandable, especially when large cats are jumping on it.

We think a restructuring in design for optimal weight distribution and inclusion of stairs would do the trick. The good thing, however, it does not topple but instead wobbles a bit, which we think is not a huge deal breaker.

Nonetheless, this cat tree is spacious, and tall, providing your cat with the perfect spot to monitor all your household activities.

4. New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower

High-Quality cat furniture starts with quality materials, and that is what New Cat delivers in this 65" tall cat tree.

With spacious perches and a carpeted bottom, this cat tree offers a total of 5 levels for your kitties to feel at the top of the world.

Each of the 4 raised levels measures 17 inches wide and 7 inches high, thus providing multiple and roomy play stations for your felines.

The signature feature of the cat tree is the premium construction. At the base, for instance, the cat tree features household carpet, which provides your feline with the ultimate comfort.

When it comes to the scratching post, rather than using a thin sisal rope or the oiled versions, which is harmful to your kitty, New Cat Condo uses a thick unsoiled sisal rope. The unsoiled version provides a natural and long-lasting cat tree for your feline.

In the same breath of longevity, the solid wood construction, similar to the material you use in your home construction, offers a safer, durable and long-lasting product for your feline.

A major drawback on the tool is perhaps the lack of holes in any of the beds. While most of cats have no trouble getting at the top, it poses limitations to some cats, especially the old cats.

Nevertheless, this is not much of a deal breaker since many cats are natural climbers and will eventually adjust.

5. Go Pet Club 72" Tall Beige Cat Tree (Best Budget Cat Tree)

Go Pet is synonymous with quality craftsmanship and the Go Pet Club 72” is no different.

Designed for large and moderate felines, the Go Pet Club 72" comes with a whopping 72 inches of height and 6 feet wide, thus providing your feline with space they need for active play and entertainment.

Space aside, this model is constructed from premium materials that will guarantee safety, durability, and comfort.

The whole Go Pet Club edifice is constructed from a professional combination of compressed wood, faux fur, and sisal rope.

Like most of the cat trees for large cats that we handpicked, the Pet Club comes with 3 spacious perches and has a capability of supporting 20 pounds and above, even for multiple cats.

Strangely, the inside of the Go Pet Club 72"is not carpeted as you would expect with many cat trees. Additionally, the securing of the ramp is quite flimsy and makes the cat tree wobbly at the very least.

Nonetheless, for that price tag, we think that it is still an awesome product, despite the flaws. Furthermore, you can make up for the lack of carpet by adding a soft blanket.

Bottom Line

Getting the best cat tree for your large cats provides your furry friend with a good playing spot as well as a place to take a break after a whole of day of play.

Cat trees also comes in handy if you are worried about your cat causing damage to your cabinetry or kitchen top if that is where she loves to hang out. The cat tree is not only enticing to climb, but is also naturally calming for your cat.

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