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Cat Won’t Drink Water! How to Entice Her to Drink Enough Water

Cat won't drink water

Although cats are self-sufficient, you should always make sure they drink enough water to keep their organs active. If your cat won't drink water, she will likely to suffer from health complications, forcing you to make frequent visits to your vet.

Symptoms of dehydration in cats include constipation, dry mouth, sunken eyes, poor capillary refill time, increased heart rate and lethargy. If you notice these symptoms in your feline, you should take immediate action before it is too late.

Getting your cat to drink more water takes some trials and errors, but once you discover what your cat likes, you will have no problem encouraging your feline to drink up.

Here are tips that you can use to make your cat drink enough water:

Place water bowls in several locations in the house

Make it easy for the cat to drink water by putting water bowls in several strategic locations in the house. Cats have preferred locations, and if you find the right spot, you will not have to get worried.

For cats that love drinking on your water glasses, you can leave several water glasses around the house. If the cat drinks from a particular glass more than others, make sure to refill the glass often and don’t change its location too much.

Also, don’t put the glasses or water bowls near the litter, because a cat will not drink up near its poo.

​Feed your cat with mostly wet food diet

One of the easiest ways to make your cat drink adequate water is to give him wet food. Canned cat food and wet cat food have a high moisture content than dry cat food, and this keeps the cat hydrated. In case your cat does not like wet food, try adding water to dry food to see if he will eat.

Add ice cubes in your cat’s food

Placing ice cubes in your cat food will entice them to lick the cubes and get moisture in the process. Some cats like icy water especially on a hot day, just like you would do during the summer. Ice cubes make the food more attractive to eat and acts as a treat for the cat.

Food Additive

You can encourage the cat to drink more water by adding flavors such as tuna juice or chicken broth to the water bowl. In most cases, a cat that does not drink water will go after the chicken broth at the bottom of the water bowl, drinking water in the process.

Running water

Cats are fascinated by running water as opposed to stagnant water. Most cat owners report that their cats prefer drinking from the kitchen faucet and this keeps them hydrated. Test to see if this will make your cat drink more water by turning on the faucet part way.

High water pressure is likely to scare the cat, and he will not get close to the faucet. If the cat accepts to drink from the faucet, you can leave the tap running for a few minutes each day.

Although some people argue that this will hurt your water bills, it is still cheaper than the cost of a cystotomy to remove stones from the bladder.

Try different water bowls

Cats are generally picky about everything, including water bowls! Try various types of bowls built with ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, or glass materials. Stainless steel and ceramic water bowls have high success rates. Plastic water bowls tend to soak up odor and cats may not drink from them after some time.

Use cat fountains

Cat fountains are an alternative if you do not want to leave the kitchen faucet running. The fountains might look foreign initially, but the cat will get used to them after a while. Cats are attracted to fountains due to the running water, and this is likely to entice them to drink enough water.

Refill the water bowls regularly

Cats like fresh water and refilling the water bowls frequently will entice them to drink more water.

Make sure to clean the bowl with soap and water before adding fresh water. Cats are picky and will not drink water from a dirty bowl.

Feed your cat several times a day

Giving your feline smaller meals several times a day prompts thirst, and this will entice him to drink more water. You should alternate dry and wet cat food to prevent addiction to a specific type of food.


Ensure that your cat remains hydrated at all times, especially cats suffering from renal failure or diabetes. Prolonged dehydration shortens a cat’s life. Therefore, if your cat won't drink water, try these tips to entice your feline to drink enough water.

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