6 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners: For Pets (In 2022)

You know it can be a chore trying to stay on top of cleaning around your house, with carpets in particular hosting plenty of dirt, pollen, dust, and animal dander that contribute to allergies.

Regular cleaning with a carpet cleaner for pets is essential to keep your home dust-free, which reduces the risk of allergy problems.

In this article we have researched 6 of the best appliances for carpet cleaning that will help you eliminate dog allergies, and remove other allergens in your carpet.

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6 Best Portable Carpet Cleaner for Pets

1. Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Homasy is the ultimate portable home air filter that offers the perfect home cleaning solution.

Utilizing a 100W ultra-high-power motors with an amazing suction of up to 6Kpa, the Homasy can clean anything ranging from sucking paper debris, pet hair, as well as clear the hard-to-reach unseen buster motes hidden deep in the sofa or car seat.

For the ultimate cleaning solution, the Homasy features 3 different types of attachments that allow you to clean a variety of surfaces ranging from carpet, sofa, wall, stairs and more.

Adopting 4x2200mAh high capacity lithium-ion batteries, with a lifespan of 5 years, the Homasy can provide a run-time lasting up to 30 minutes. In fact, no other portable cleaner in the market rivals the sucking power of the Homasy cleaner.

In spite of its modest size, the Homasy comes with a generous 600ML large-capacity dust collection cup, sufficient to meet the deep cleaning dust from your kitchen, living room to the bedroom.

Adopting fast charge technology plus temperature and voltage protection, the Homasy fully charges within 3-4 hours and ensures equipment safety before, during and after the charging process.


  • Portable for ease of cleaning and mobility. 
  • Ultra-high-power motors for thorough suction of all debris.
  • Additional attachments giving it flexibility of cleaning variety of surfaces.
  • List EleLong life lithium-ion battery that can last for 5 years without replacement.


  • The battery lasts for only 30 minutes and you can’t vacuum while charging.
  • Not fitted with HEPA filters

2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away

The Shark Navigator model blends the powerful performance of an upright cleaner and the reliability of a canister.

Shark`s clever “lift-away” concept of the Navigator allows you lift-away the body of the vacuum from its heavy floor base and use it as a canister vacuum to clean hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of your home without straining your back.

A great budget option, this affordably priced Navigator can effectively clean stairs, under the beds, and any number of awkward spots.

Featuring a swivel steering, the Navigator offers the perfect control for maneuvering around your home and furniture.

When it comes to performance, the Navigator does not skimp, thanks to the cyclonic technology, or the so-called “never loses suction” technology. With a powerful motor under the hood, the NV352 is a great cleaner able to pick up the most common shapes and sizes of debris in just a few passes, from a variety of flooring found in most homes.

The Navigator also does exemplary work in dealing with allergies. Sporting a sealed system, the Navigator won`t let dust and dirt particles escape with the vacuum`s exhaust. Instead, the vacuum comes with four filters, including a post-motor HEPA filter.

Besides the filters, the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, which uses rubber gaskets to seal all transfer points, traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum for a dust-free air.

For improved longevity and low-maintenance, the Navigator uses a geared belt, which does not lose tension, and can last up to 10 years. Most of the similarly priced vacuums employ flat rubber belts, which stretch out and need swapping out a few times a year.

Underlining the durability of the navigator is the washable pre-motor and post-motor filter. In all likelihood with the navigator, you won`t have to buy or install new belts or filters.

It`s understandable that all vacuums clog, but the Navigator is easier to unclog than most carpet cleaners since you can easily separate its different parts than its competitors.

On the downside, the Navigator comes with 25 feet long power cord, which is a tad shorter than the 30 feet cord in other Shark models. Also, some reviewers point out that the cleaner seems prone to tipping over.

However, the above demerits are not sufficient to brush-off the 12. 5 pounds Shark Navigator NV352. It has superior performance and undoubtedly you`re going to experience better and cleaner air.


  • Fitted with HEPA filters
  • Anti-Allergen seals technology that traps 99.9% of allergens
  • Durable, low maintenance parts, and easier to unclog
  • No Back Straining due to its lift away concept
  • Fairly priced.


  • We would love the cord to be at least 30 feet, not 25 feet
  • Unlike cordless vacuum, you are likely to trip over the cord

3. Bissell ProHeat 2X Carpet Cleaner + Odor Eliminator

Third on our list of the best carpet cleaners for allergies is the Bissell Pro Heat.

The Pro Heat is not only ideal for those suffering from allergies, but also for the pet lovers, thanks to the Bissel Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy Formula.

Using the cleaner together with the Pet Urine Formula permanently removes stains and odors from the carpet with the power of Oxy. Bissel claims that the Pet Urine Eliminator carpet shampoo is even able to remove skunk odor, so if you own a skunk, there can be no better carpet cleaner than the Pro Heat.

Nonetheless, regardless of what carpet formula you choose to use, the Bissel Pro Heat is an amazing cleaner, deep cleaning any type of carpet and removing even the toughest stains.

The Pro Heat DirtLifter Power brushes use HeatWave Technology. This technology basically regulates and keeps the cleaning water warm, for eliminating all kinds of carpet grime and stains.

What`s more.

The Bissell Pro allows customization of the carpet cleaning. For instance, the Express Clean mode helps cleaning your carpet faster and even promises to dry your carpet in an hour. The Deep Clean, on the other hand, allows you to confront the stubborn grime and dirt with ease.

Another highlight of the Bissel Pro is that it purportedly deals with dirt, stains, and grime permanently, rather than masking or covering them up, thanks to the CleanShot technology.

The CleanShot Pretreater offers a targeted cleaning approach to stains and works far better than deep cleaning.

Like the Shark Navigator, the Bissel Pro Heat is not bulky, with a reasonable weight of 20 pounds.

And when it comes to maintenance, the removable EZ clean brush roll cover gives you easy access for an easy and deeper clean to the vacuum.


  • Best for removing stains especially stubborn urine and dirt.
  • Have an odor eliminator.
  • Unlike a vacuum that sucks dust, it brushes your carpet (deep cleaning) leaving it almost new and soft.
  • Easy to maintain and wash.


  • Not fitted with HEPA filters.

4. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150

If you are looking for a cleaner that pays attention to detail, none can outdo the robust Hoover Power Scrub.

Unlike a majority of the cleaners that roll over carpet fibers, the Hoover employs a unique combination of spinning and scrubbing technology. The innovative spins on the Hover brushes mean that each carpet fiber is delivered 360 degrees of deep cleaning, thus allowing a meticulous carpet cleaning experience.

Sporting a DualIV nozzle, the Hoover offers robust and equal suction, allowing cleaning the carpet surfaces evenly and quickly.

The heated cleaning technology, which applies forced air to damp carpet, helps to lift and remove tough stains, speed up drying time, and reduce the risk of mold growth.

Other awesome features of the Hoover include a dual tank technology, which features two separate tanks for clean and dirty water, an automatic detergent mixing, and a water-only mode that will allow you to remove detergent residue.

The 19-pound cleaner comes with a gamut of accessories, such as a cleaning solution, a storage bag, and an 8-foot hose with a 20-foot power cord.

Though it requires a detergent that is sold separately, and also uses more water than steam, we love the fact that the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150 has an automated shutoff, when water runs out.


  • It’s relatively light, 19-pounds.
  • Spinning and scrubbing technology is great for stubborn stains.
  • Heating tech for ease of drying and reduction of molds.
  • Two tanks for clean and dirty water.
  • An auto-shut tech when water runs out.


  • Some parts are not fitted with stainless steel making them vulnerable to rust.
  • Also, it doesn’t have HEPA filters.

5. Hoover Pet Carpet Cleaner Power Scrub Elite

The Hoover Scrub Elite is a bigger, better and improved version of the Power Scrub Deluxe.

For a start, Power Scrub Elite comes with bigger water tanks that hold up to 25% more water, and a bigger handle that feels sturdier. Despite the upsize, the Hoover Elite does a great job at keeping the weight at a minimum (19 pounds.)

Weight and size aside, the Hoover Elite offers customized cleaning modes, befitting any flooring types.

The Quick Clean mode, for instance, allows you to clean your carpet rapidly without having to wait for hours to dry. Though it does not remove the embedded dirt and stains, compared to the Deep Clean Mode, it allows faster drying, typically in less than 45 minutes.

The former option is ideal in high traffic areas, or for homes with pets and kids, while the latter is suitable for whole-home cleaning.

The Antimicrobial SpinScrub Brush System makes the cleaner suitable for people with allergies and pets, as it prevents odors and bacteria from forming.

Just like the Hoover Deluxe, the Elite offers automatic detergent mixing, proving an appropriate combo of water and detergent for optimal cleaning results.


  • Has all Advantages of the Power Scrub Deluxe. 
  • Holds 25% more water than the Power Scrub Deluxe allowing to clean longer.
  • Has customized cleaning modes: rapid and deep cleaning. 
  • Has antimicrobial Spin Scrub to remove odors and bacteria.
  • Offers auto-detergent mixing for optimal cleaning.


  • It doesn’t have HEPA filters

6. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

Rug Doctor has a reputation for effectiveness and affordability, the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is no different.

A major highlight of the Rug Doctor Deep is the robust suction power; it`s engineered to have 2X more suction compared to other cleaners. According to Rug Doctor, this machine offers 75% more suction compared to other upright vacuum cleaners.

Alongside the suction power is the dual-action brushes. The strong and heavy handheld oscillating motorized brushes can provide a deep clean even to the toughest spots and stains a pet can throw at your carpet.

Due to the immense power, the Rug Doctor is a great option for the heavily soiled areas with plenty of traffic and surfaces with hard-to-get-out stains. Underlining the cleaning efficiency is the Pro-enzymatic formula that deters remarking and re-staining.

The new Super Boost Spray function allows you to customize your carpet to the unique needs in cleaning heavily soiled areas.

On the downside, if you plan on cleaning tight spaces, the Rug Doctor Deep might not be the ideal choice because it’s cumbersome.


  • 2X more suction power for removal of allergens particles and stain
  • Features dual-brush offering relentless scrubbing power needed on stubborn stains.
  • A Super Boost spray to help in customizing your cleaning needs.
  • Designed for heavy duty cleaning


  • 30 pounds of weight thus heavy and cumbersome.
  • It doesn’t have HEPA filters

Best Portable Carpet Cleaner for Pets : Factors to Consider

The performance of a vacuum cleaner is dependent on an array of factors, including the size and layout of your home, and your lifestyle. Therefore, the ideal cleaner for you is primarily personal and based on the above factors.

But, there are universal factors that you ought to consider when choosing a cleaner. So, what are the factors to consider when choosing the best portable carpet cleaner for pets?

Upright Vs Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

There are two major types of vacuum cleaners in the market: Upright and Cylinder.

Upright vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning large floor spaces. Aptly named the upright cleaners, they allow users to use them while standing.

Though hard to maneuver, the upright cleaners are excellent at weaving round furniture and décor and also suitable for removing hair and fluff from carpet.

A major drawback of this cleaner is that it’s hard to maneuver, making it challenging to clean tight spots, stairs and under low furniture.

Another downside is that they are noisier than cylinder models.

On the other hand, cylinder models are compact, and the ideal cleaners for accessing the hard-to-reach spots such as under the furniture, and awkward spots.

Most of the cylinder models are hard to push over thick material, especially if they lack the turbo brush attachment. Nonetheless, they are popular because they are quite.

Bagless vs Bagged Cleaners

With the bagless cleaner, you wouldn’t need to purchase replacement dust bags, which is economical.

On the downside, the bagless cleaners have a lower capacity, meaning you`ll need to empty them regularly.

Also, they are a tad messy, as dust and fluff can get wedged inside, and dust escapes when emptying.

Conversely, the bagged cleaners have a large capacity than the bagless cleaners. Also, they are convenient at the very least, because all dirt is safely enclosed in bags, which are thrown away, thus minimizing exposure.

For the branded bags, additional filtration is put in place to prevent allergens from flying into the air.

On the downside, you will have to bear with the cost of regular bag replacement.

Cord vs Cordless Cleaners

Both of these types have their own merits and demerits.

Cordless cleaners are super-light, compact, and easy to store. And as their name suggests, they do not have any cords bugging you down, meaning they`re highly portable and can be used anywhere including awkward spots, stairs, and cars.

On the downside, their compact and small size means they can only collect small capacity of dust at a time. Thus, requiring frequent bin emptying and filter cleaning.

Their cleaning time is similarly limited by their low battery life. Also, there are plenty of flimsy models in the market.

Conversely, the corded cleaners are the biggest in their class, are more powerful and have a large dust collection capacity.

With the power and large dust collection capacity, you will have to forego convenience and portability, since they are limited by their power cords.

The Ergonomics of Vacuum Cleaners

When selecting a vacuum cleaner based on its ergonomics, it’s important to look at features that make users’ work easier. For instance, you can choose a specific vacuum cleaner that meets the age-related needs and health status of the user.

Therefore, you would want to consider attachments such as wheels, rollers, cord length, handle, among others. These factors usually impact the ability to maneuver, the ability to work in tight spaces, and the ability to move the equipment from one-floor space to another.

Cord length

For a short cord length, it’s likely that it will limit you on the working floor space. Leave alone that you also risk toppling over it as you try to stretch it beyond its ability. Even worse, it may stress your wrists and arms causing unnecessary fatigue.

When it comes to weight, an extra ounce beyond your stress level may translate to pains in the back, hips, and wrists.

As a result, it is important to check whether your desired vacuum offers ergonomics standards that suit your body and health.

Bottom Line

Purchasing the best portable carpet cleaner for pets not only keeps your home clean and tidy but also keeps allergens at bay.

While there are many factors to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner, choose one that meets your specific needs.

For instance, if you are looking for a modest and portable cleaner, the Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal option. And if you would like a carpet cleaner that serves both you and your pet, the Bissell ProHeat 2X Carpet Cleaner is an excellent choice.