5 Best Furnace Filters for Homes with Pets (2022 Review)

If you have an allergy for pet dander, the problem can never get worse than it is with a pet in your home.

Pet allergies can be a real problem, however you can help reduce the dust and dirt in your home with quality furnace filters which are effective at filtering pet allergens.

Beyond pet dander, the best furnace filters will also trap other allergy-inducing particles such as dust, pollen, lint, and spores, helping to maintain indoor air quality in your home.

In this guide, we will highlight what you need to know about furnace filters and explore the best filters for pet dander.

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Factors To Guide Your Furnace Filter Choice

MERV/MPR rating

The MERV and MPR ratings refer to how efficient a filter is at trapping the airborne molecules.

An increase in rating translates to higher efficiency of the filter.

Generally, washable filters have a higher MERV rating than disposable filters, and would be a good choice if you’re happy to clean them regularly. 

Number of Pleats

The number of pleats is proportional to the surface area of the filter.

Generally, a premium filter has more tightly-packed pleats, as opposed to the flatter and loosely packed pleats in the cheaper versions.

Electrostatically Charged

When filters are electrostatically charged, they can pull and capture more airborne allergens.

Antimicrobial Properties

To avoid germs and bacteria from emitting spores or anything when trapped, you want an antimicrobial filter that kills the bacteria before it spreads.

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5 Best Furnace Filters for Allergies (Pet Dander)

1. FilterBuy AFB Silver MERV 8

At the top of our list is the Filter Buy AFB. FilterBuy is famous for providing premium products, and the FilterBuy AFB is no different.

These filters, with an impressive MERV 8 filter rating, can trap roughly 90% of airborne particles such as dust, pollen, dander, lint, and more.

Regardless of what furnace you choose, it`s integral that you have sufficient heat ratings for the filters. Sufficient heat ratings for the filters are not only essential for durability but also performance.

Having said that, it`s important to note that the FilterBuy AFB is constructed from the beverage board, which allows the filter to withstand temperatures as high as 200-degree celsius without breaking.

The factory-designed filters are durable and can stay in excellent working condition for up to three months without the need for any replacement.

The 20x20x1 FilterBuy AFB comes with 12-foot pleats per foot, which makes the filter more efficient than most dander filters of its class.

With such a large surface area, the filter can trap more airborne particles.

Finally, what most users love about this product is that it`s versatile, and can even work for HVAC systems.


  • Durable.
  • Larger surface area. 
  • Captures 90% of the allergens.
  • Can be used for both furnaces and AC HVAC.
  • Ideal for both commercial and residential premises.


  • Slightly more expensive than other filters.

2. Filtrete Healthy Living 2200

Filtrete is yet another awesome brand, that is known for producing remarkable products.

The brand has gone a step further to create its filtration rating known as the microparticle performance rating (MPR).

The Filtrete Healthy Living comes with an MPR rating of 2200, which is equivalent to MERV 13.

With such a remarkable rating, this filter has an astounding performance and can capture even the ultrafine molecule, exhaust particle, dust and smoke particles, and even some forms of bacteria and viruses. 

Most importantly, it uses both mechanical and electrostatically charged Filtrete fibers to trap dust.

Here, the fibers act like tiny magnets to attract and capture the allergen-inducing molecules without necessarily having to restrict the airflow.

The electrostatically charged pleats render the Filtrete supremely efficient in capturing dust as it can trap up to 94% of all the larger particles, like mold spores, dust mite allergens, and pollen.

When compared to non-electrostatic filters, the Filtrete Healthy Living 2200 filters perform up to 5 times better, with regards to capturing the minuscule particles.

Equally, it outperforms the washable filters and fiberglass.


  • Maximum efficiency, thanks to electrostatic technology.
  • Captures a variety of molecules including bacteria, mold, fungi, and mildew under normal conditions.
  • High MPR rating.
  • Versatile; can be used on furnaces and HVAC.


  • For residential use only.

3. Filtrete Healthy Living 2800 

If the Filtrete 2200 is the Bentley Continental GT, the Filtrete 2800 is the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

With an MPR rating of 2800, equivalent to a MERV rating of 14 – the Filtrete Healthy Living 2800 is the boss.

With such an immense rating, the Filtrete Healthy Living 2800 delivers the absolute best by drawing and capturing the ultrafine particles ranging from pollen, dust, lint, to even bacteria and viruses.

What we like about this product is that it`s able to block the minuscule particles, without having to impede the efficiency of the furnace or air conditioner.

Just like the Filtrete Healthy Living 2200, this furnace uses electrostatic technology on its filters to draw and capture the allergen-inducing particles.

In comparison with non-electrostatic filters, the Filtrete Healthy Living 2800 is seven times more efficient at capturing micron particles of size 0.3 to 1.0.

Using proprietary technology from 3M, the Filtrete Healthy Living 2800 is fitted with 3-in-1 technology that allows the filters to pull in and trap unwanted air particles without obstructing clean airflow movement.

The Filtrete Healthy Living 2800 is absolutely on another class of its own and an ideal choice for those who have asthma, and allergy from contaminants such as pet dander, smoke, and excessive bacteria/virus presence.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Highly efficient.
  • It lasts up to 3 months.


  • No odor reduction.

4. Nordic Pure AC & Furnace Filters

With a MERV rating of 12 the Nordic Pure does an excellent job of removing airborne contaminants ranging from pet dander, dust, to pollen.

Featuring a hypoallergenic and antimicrobial electrostatic material, the Nordic Pure is effective at stopping the growth of bacteria and renders the filter as protective gear against a variety of impurities.

For those thinking of going green, you will love the fact that the Nordic Pure uses recycled beverage paper.


  • Eco-friendly.
  • Anti-microbial.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Certified frustration-free.


  • Doesn`t filter odors.

5. Filtrete Healthy Living 1500

Available in 6 packs, the Filtrete 1500 is yet another quality product by Filtrete.

Similar to all the Filtrete filters, the Healthy Living 1500 uses electrostatic filters to attract and capture allergy-causing contaminants.

Aptly named the Healthy Living 1500, this filter comes with an MPR rating of 1500, which is equivalent to a MERV rating of 12.

Though the rating is lower compared to the other Filtrete`s, it still efficient at capturing the microscopic particles such as dust, pollen, dander, lint, bacteria, and spores.

Further underlining its performance is the fact that the Healthy Living 1500 is 3 times more efficient at capturing the small particles of 0.3 to 1.0 microns compared to the non-electrostatic pleated fibers within the same class.

Again, like all the Filtrete filters we have reviewed, the Healthy Living uses the 3-in-1 technology by 3M to pull in and draw the unwanted airborne particles without interfering on the airflow in the furnace.


  • Superb performance.
  • 90% efficient.
  • Robust.


  • It doesn`t capture candle soot.
  • It doesn`t capture exhaust, ultrafine particles.

How to Choose the Best Furnace Filters for Allergies


The first factor to consider is the size of your filter as they come in an array of sizes and thicknesses.

Remember to measure your current HVAC filters to avoid running into problems with regards to compatibility when installing new filters.


Like the remains of an oven, when dirt and grime collect in your furnace, it gradually starts emitting an odorous smell.

Therefore, it`s important that you invest in filters that can include odor elimination or prevention.

Disposable vs. Washable

Both types have their benefits and drawbacks.

The disposable filters are those that need replacement after a few months. Usually, they are inexpensive and constructed from cheap materials such as fiberglass.

On the other hand, the washable filters can last for years if well-maintained. They only need cleaning after a month or so, and they are mainly made from more resilient materials.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Lower MERV rating.


  • Higher MERV rating.
  • Less environmental waste.
  • More expensive.
  • More maintenance and upkeep.

When it comes to cleaning, if you fail to do it right you could be spreading mold, pollen, dander back into the air.

Generally, if you don`t have a problem with a regular and thorough cleaning schedule, washable cleaners are the way to go.


Furnace filters are the go-to solution for improving air quality, more specifically, fighting the stubborn pet dander.

In our guide above, we have provided you with a list of the best furnace filters for pet dander and home allergens.

Choose a filter that addresses all your air quality and pet dander needs.

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