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5 Best Choices – Litter Box for Large Cats (Extra-Large)

When choosing the best litter box for your large cat, the first thing that should pop in your mind is that big cats need big litter boxes.

A big cat needs more space to turn around, stand up, enter and exit the litter box without touching walls and ceilings. The best litter box for large cats should provide maximum comfort for your cat.

Size is not the only factor when choosing the suitable litter box for your large cat. Your cats comfort, and preference should also be a priority.

Choose a litter box that fits your cat’s preferences, such as a lid (for closing) or hood and the positioning of the entrance. Also, make sure that litter box you buy is easy to clean and replace the litter once it has been used for some time.

cat in plastic litter box

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Best litter box for large cats - Top Picks

1. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Editor's Choice)

Omega Paw self-cleaning is a sturdy litter box that accommodates the weight of large cats with ease. It is made with a durable material that is hard to break or topple when the cat is getting into the box to do its business.

One thing I love about this litter box is that it is easy to use and maintain. Unlike other litter boxes, this litter box does not require electricity for it to work. 

Also, it’s a self-cleaning litter box, meaning that it does not require scooping since the wastes are held together by a grill and transported to a pullout tray.

One limitation limitation about this litter box that it is enclosed. On one side, it provides privacy to shy cats, while some cats may wrestle the box as they find a way out.

Some cat breeds are afraid of enclosed areas, and they might leave you with some scratches if you try forcing them inside.


  • Tall and wide enough to accommodate large cats.
  • It does not require electricity.
  • Strong and durable.
  • The unique patented grill inside the roll'n clean scoops holds the clumped waste and deposits into a pull-out tray.
    Self-cleans quickly and control odors and dust effectively.
  • The scoop collects clumped waste only (clean litter is never thrown away).


  • The enclosed nature of this litter box may scare away some cats.
  • There may be pee stinks leaking through the perpetual open door.

2. Nature's Miracle Advanced High Sided Cat Litter Box

Natures Miracle Advanced cat litter box is spacious and tall to provide enough space for large cats to turn around while inside the litter box.

The lowered front balances the 11-inch sides ensuring that the cat enters and leaves the litter box with ease.

This high-walled litter box helps hold the litter inside the box, since its high enough to prevent naughty cats from spilling litter from the litter box.

This helps reduce the amount of time cleaning up litter that is spilled on the flour/carpet every time the cat gets into the litter box.

The litter box is fitted with a non-stick antimicrobial surface that prevents litter caking up that may result in foul smells coming out of the litter box.

Another essential addition to the litter box is the built-in handles that make it easy to transport the box. This comes in handy when replacing the litter or if you have back pain issues.

The main limitation that most customers have observed with this litter box is the low level of the entryway. Some tall cats may have difficulties getting into the box through the entryway.

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  • Built-in handles make transportation easy.
  • Antimicrobial coating helps to minimize odor.
  • High sides prevent spraying and scattering.
  • Spacious enough for large cats.
  • Open litter box design makes spot cleaning easy, and perfect for cats who prefer easy access to litter.


  • The entryway may be too low for some cats.

3. Petmate Giant Litter Pan

Petmate giant litter pan is designed for easy cleaning and also serves claustrophobic cats who refuse to use hooded litter boxes. It has a wide profile base to accommodate large cats. The spacious nature of this litter box allows the cat maximum space to conduct her business without worrying of having a hood over the head.

This litter box base is broad enough to hold at least 30 pounds of litter. This makes it an ideal litter box for multiple cats and large cats.

One of the unique features that cat parents like about this litter box is the storage compartments.

Petmate Giant litter pan contains side compartment that can be used to store litter scoops, disposal bags, and any other essentials that may be needed to make it easy to manage the litter box.

The compartments measure 4” wide and 6” deep, while the box measures 27” by 17”.

This cat litter box is eco-friendly, and it is made with a plastic containing micro ban. This component prevents the growth of bacteria, molds, and mildew that may cause stains and odors in and outside the litter box.


  • Deep wall design reduces litter spillage.
  • Open tray design makes it appealing to cats that hate hooded litter boxes.
  • Has side compartments to store extra supplies.
  • Made with microban, antimicrobial protection to help prevent stain growth and odor-causing bacteria.


  • Requires manual cleaning.
  • Some cats may be enticed to pee on the storage compartments

4. Petmate Hi-Back Litter Pan 

Petmate Hi-back litter pan features a sleek design that helps control litter scattering and spraying.

It is ideal for messy cats and large cats that require enough space to do their business. It is a low maintenance cat litter that most cat parents love.

It has a high back and a lower front side. The high side walls prevent cats from creating a litter mess in the house.

The lower entrance also provides a seamless entry and exit from the cat litter. This is more convenient than litter boxes that have a raised entrance, which result in litter scattering every time the cat is entering or exiting the box.

Petmate hi-back litter pan is created with durable materials that will last and stand the test of time. The material is also eco-friendly.

Micro-ban antimicrobial is also added to the design to help fight against the growth of odor-causing bacteria and stains.


  • The antimicrobial coating keeps the box fresh, odor free and bacteria free.
  • Deep walls keep the litter within the confines of the box.
  • The open litter box design makes it easy to clean and maintain the litter box.
  • Can be used for multiple cat households.
  • Eco-friendly material.


  • Some customers say that the back wall is pretty high.

5. Catit Smartsift Sifting Cat Litter Box

Catit Smartsift cat litter is an automatic litter sifting system that makes cat-petting so easy; it does all the scooping and sifting, and you won’t have to do any of that.

The only thing you have to do is to pull the lever and boom! A fresh, breathable air without any traces of litter odor.

The litter auto-cleans automatically by pulling the lever. It carries away the litter waste from the litter box into a removable tray that you can remove, empty and clean, before returning it to its place.

The clean return is recycled back into the pan. While doing this, the litter box remains quiet, and you should not worry about your cat getting scared by moving levers.

One thing that cat parents agree on is how efficient thing machine is. It’s a manual system, with no motorized parts that will fall off or heat up when the litter is in operation.

Plus, the litter is easy to replace; simply remove the access door and add enough litter to take you through the month. It comes with integrated carbon filters that absorb foul smells inside the litter box.

Catit Smartsift cat litter provides a lot of room to accommodate cats of all sizes. It is sealed to minimize tracking and ensure privacy for shy cats. It measures 12”L by 19”W by 25”H.


  • Automatic waste sifting and scooping.
  • A safe, quiet and easy system that does not require electricity.
  • Integrated carbon filters to trap odors.
  • Ideal for cats on the plus size spectrum.


  • Bulky.
  • Its hooded nature may scare away some cats.

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