What To Buy for A Bengal Kitten (A Kitten Care Guide)

When you’re ready to bring your new Bengal kitten home, ensure you have all the supplies you need before they arrive.

Your kitten will need some basic necessities to start with, and there are additional items you may want to consider like grooming supplies, a collar, and a soft comfy cat bed.

Bengal cats are known for being athletic and lively, burning plenty of energy as they grow. Apart from ensuring you have a quality high-energy kitten food; ensure you have a few kitty snacks and plenty of toys to keep them busy as they tear around your house!

bengal kittens running at camera

In this article, you’ll learn what you need to buy for your Bengal kitten to provide them with a suitable home environment.

1 Kitten Food

You will want to have a supply of healthy food ready for when your Bengal kitten comes home. They require specially formulated food that is designed just for kittens.

Kittens need food that supplies the right balance of calories, healthy fats, and protein. Choose a kitten food that lists real meat as the first ingredient.

Your kitten food should contain natural, healthy ingredients, not fillers and artificial additives. Do not feed your kitten food that is formulated for adult cats as this will not provide adequate nutrition.

Kitten food comes in two options: wet food or dry food. Wet food is preferred as it has a higher water content, making it easier to digest and providing your kitten with extra hydration.

When you get a new kitten, you won’t know what flavors your high energy little fluffball will like best, so buy at least 2 different varieties (such as chicken, or fish) to see what they like best. You can also try different textures like jellymeat or meat in gravy to see which one they prefer.

2 Food and Water Dishes

At least one food dish and one water dish are necessary for your Bengal kitten. It’s ideal to have a couple of extras to use while you’re washing the other or in case one breaks.

Kittens tend to prefer bowls that are shallow and wide. This allows them to easily reach the food and water and helps keep their face clean.

Stainless steel is the best option for food and water bowls as it’s easy to clean and doesn’t break easily. You can also use ceramic or glass, but these tend to chip and break more often.

You may want to consider purchasing non-slip dishes for your Bengal kitten. These dishes have rubbery grip on the bottom that prevents the bowls from sliding around the floor while your kitten eats.

Many Bengal kittens prefer to drink moving water as opposed to water that is sitting in a bowl. You can purchase a feline water fountain that cycles fresh water through it.

Keeping your kitten hydrated is essential to their health and well-being, and having a water fountain can encourage them to drink more water.

You have probably heard that Bengal cats love water, and it’s true! A water fountain or wide shallow container with water will keep them busy splashing and playing.

3 Treats

While your kitten’s main nutrition source should be its regular kitten food, you might want to give treats as well.

These can be homemade or packaged treats. Foods that are safe for your Bengal kitten include small amounts of cooked meat or fish, blueberries, and cucumber.

Cornell University’s College of Veterinary medicine recommends that a maximum of 10-15 percent of your kitten’s diet should come from treats, so be careful not to feed them too much.

5 Litter Box and Supplies

You’ll need at least one litter box for your kitten. A general rule of thumb is to have one litter box per kitten, plus one extra.

Litter boxes come in different sizes. Choose a litter box that your kitten can easily climb in and out of.

There are covered and uncovered litter boxes to choose from. A covered litter box can help contain some of the mess created when your active little Bengal kitten sprints out of it!

Liners are available to place on the bottom of the litter box to help keep it clean. Some kittens do not like the feel of the liner and will avoid the box if it has one.

A scoop is necessary for cleaning the litter box. Choose one with square edges to better reach the corners of the litter box.

To make the litter last longer (and save you some money!), you can buy absorbent pads that are placed under the litter, helping to draw moisture away and deodorize the litterbox.

6 Cat Litter

Kitty litter comes in scented and unscented varieties. While the scented litter may help mask the unpleasant smell of the box, unscented litter is healthier for your kitten and their sensitive nose.

There are clumping and non-clumping litters to choose from. Clumping litter doesn’t need to be changed as often, but it is more expensive and can create more of a tracking mess.

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7 Cat Bed

Providing a bed for your kitten gives them their own space which helps make them feel safe and secure. Not all kittens will use a bed but it’s good to provide the option.

You can choose from different styles and materials for your kitten’s bed. Some kittens prefer an enclosed cave-like bed, while others like a flat design.

8 Collar and Tags

Kitten collars come in a variety of materials and designs. The best collar is one that fits snugly and is comfortable for your kitten to wear.

When fitting your kitten for a collar, ensure that you can fit two fingers underneath the collar. This ensures that it is not too tight, but not loose enough that your kitten can get out of it.

A tag should be attached to your kitten’s collar engraved with their information. Include your address and phone number in case your kitten gets lost.

8 Travel Carrier

Whenever you will be traveling with your cat, you will need a carrier to transport them safely. Carriers can be used for taking your kitten to the vet or taking them on trips.

Choose a carrier that is sturdy and has a secure locking mechanism. Your carrier should be an appropriate size for your kitten – you can always buy a larger carrier once your cat is an adult.

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Health Supplies

Taking proper care of your Bengal kitten requires purchasing a few items to attend to their health.

A pair of nail trimmers, a flea comb, and a brush will keep your kitten well groomed.

You can also purchase a toothbrush and toothpaste for your kitten. This helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease in your kitten.

Scratching Post or Cat Tree

Your kitten will need something to scratch on, so it’s best to provide a scratching post or covered cat tree. This will help to prevent your furniture from being damaged.

Bengal kittens have loads of energy, so they need opportunities to climb and jump. A tall cat tree can offer a way for your kitten to get the exercise they need.

Make sure the tree you choose has a high-up padded platform for sleeping on. Bengal cats love to rest where they can get a good view of their surroundings, it’s a part of their wild-cat heritage.

Kitten Toys

The best part about owning a kitten is playing with them! While kittens don’t necessarily require toys, they can make playtime more exciting.

Avoid any toys that are small enough that your kitten could swallow or choke on. Check larger toys for any small parts that may come off and present a hazard.

Many kittens love to play with balls, especially if they have a rattler that makes noise when it rolls around. Stuffed or hard mice are also great options for your kitten to play with.

Your Bengal kitten might enjoy a tunnel to play in. Empty cardboard boxes are always a hit with kittens and chances are you already have one in your house!

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9 Leash and Harness

Bengal cats are known for their athletic antics, and if they can find a way to escape your yard – they will!

If your kitten will be going outside, the safest way for them to enjoy the outdoors is with a leash and harness.

Don’t attach the leash directly to your kitten’s collar as this can cause them to choke when walking. Use a harness that fits snugly and is made of a comfortable material.

Enjoy Your New Kitty!

Bringing a Bengal kitten into your home is the start of an exciting journey.

As well as the right supplies, don’t forget to get your new kitten a big box of pats and hugs, Bengal cats thrive on attention!